575 Booster Pack Experiment: One Month Later

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Exactly one month ago, we started an experiment of buying 575 @splinterlands booster packs and open them with the best gold and legendary potions. The result was documented on this account. Today, we are looking at the fruits of the investment after the first month. While the first half was played by ourselves, the second half was done with the @herons-unlimited service by another player.

Dark Energy Crystals


In one month, the Herons-Unlimited account farmed about 33,000 DEC together, which is currently worth around $30 USD. All reward cards were automatically send to @ottermaker for 101% of their DEC value.

This has made things incredibly easy but is also quite a trade-off, reagrding the ever growing prices fro reward cards, way beyond their mere DEC value. I hope to see a subcription model of the @herons-unlimited service, that does not involve trading away the reward cards for DEC. Instead, I would accept a monthly payment that could be automatically deducted from the accounts earnings.

That is a total of 2.22% ROI for the first month.

Also, we have had only one season finale in that time, from which the account really profited, as the next season ending is only a few days from now. This will likely increase the outcome of the second month.


Splinterlands Market Value

In that one month, the marketcap of all existing cards came up over 10%.


The number of active players has also grown about 7-8%, which is great news for the entire ecosystem. I suspect that many of the players are using free herons accounts like ours, which is really cool for them as well as for us stake holders.


The first reward cards are running out and prices of them are increasing. And the new replacement cards are already on everyone's wishlist. This is yet another reason for a @herons-unlimited update, as these cards will be most wanted by everyone and hence sell way above their DEC values.


You can find more interesting data about Splinterlands on:


575 Booster Packs Deck Value

The value of our card holdings from the original 575 booster packs is holding up nicely. The original investment was $1350 USD for both the boosters and the according potions. Although we have burned some of its worth through selling off cards for bid-prices, the total value of the accounts cards is now $1475. That does not include the Dark Energy Crystals.

Bot result from the German Legendary Dragons Discord server.


So far, this was a pretty good investment, that has already created a passive income for us. It is a great hedge against the volatility of the crypto market, as all cards are valued in US Dollars. That makes them keep their value when the crypto market goes down. On the other hand, when the crypto market goes up, more money can flow into the card market. Also, and more importantly, when Steem goes up, DEC goes up (and all other Steem Engine tokens). That will pull up the bottom value of all cards DEC value, which will further increase the daily earnings and the total value.

There are exciting things for Splinterlands on the horizon, particularly the upcoming mobile app. Hopefully, that will bring more players to the ecosystem and bring us another push forward.

Get in the Game with our Referral Link: https://splinterlands.io?ref=flipdabiskit

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