Time To Get Some Steem Power via Splinterlands

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This is pretty much the lowest price I have Steem ever seen. That is amazing because earning tokens now is easier than ever. Even though Steem has been in a very bad downward trend for so long, we all need it for Resource Credits, delegation power to earn more tokens (Steem, Steem-Engine Tribes, etc.) or the good old upvote value, which is getting more valauble with the upcoming hardfork 21. If you are playing @Splinterlands, you have an incredible chance to boost your Steem Power. Here is how.

Selling Dark Energy Crystals

Every day, we can earn Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) in the game, by winning ranked matches. This quickly adds up and can be several Dollars per day. At the current Steem price, you get 5.5 Steem for each 1 USD, so that could actually be a lot of "free/cheap" Steem every day. If you just swap a little bit of your daily DEC for Steem, you can grow your account as fast as with posting - if not faster.


Selling Reward Cards

The next part in making a daily amount of Steem is with the Quest and Season Reward cards. Every day, we get free cards by playing the game, which can be sold on the decentralized market place for Steem or DEC. That can be immediately used to power up your account. If you sell the cards for list prices, it takes longer to sell but you get more than with the bid prices.


Renting Cards

This is another really cool way to earn with your cards, by renting them to other players who pay you for it! There are two popular ways to do so: You can either renting them card by card via Peakmonsters and earn Steem/SBD, or you delegate an entire playable deck to a @herons-unlimited account (not the main account, get in contact with @tcpolymath first), where another player will play with your deck and share the earned DEC from both playing and automatically selling all reward cards to @ottermaker for 101% of their burning value with you.


Posting About Splinterlands

I find it very rewarding and fun to create articles and videos about Splinterlands. You can earn Steem but also #spt, #steemace and #battle, which are all Steem Engine Tribes for games (SPT is specific for Splinterlands). Additionally you can earn all the general tribe tokens like #palnet and #neoxian (what else are out there already?). When you post from Steempeak, you can set up to ten different tags with your posts, meaning up to ten different tokens next to Steem.


18 months ago, everyone wished that they would have been here at Steem's lowest lows. Well, we are nearly there again and this is the chance we have been waiting for. And swapping some earned tokens from a game we play is much easier and less risky than putting our hard earned money into the highly volatile and speculative crypto market. Since Steem is providing for me for so long now, I am planning to grow my account further and put some of my Splinterlands rewards into Steem Power. I do believe in the future of this technology!


Get in the Game with my Referral Link: https://splinterlands.io?ref=flauwy

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Because of this post, I will be looking at soon selling DEC towards steem and powering up. It's a good idea since DEC is free as we play and win!

Exactly! DEC is also money, so it is still an investment. But it is one that doesn't hurt us as much as loosing our earnings and savings. Well, it does for me, as I am living 100% of Steem but that is a different story...

If I could work on getting back up again in the coming months, plus have the price go back up again as well as tribes having us earn more too, it would start becoming a more viable option. But for me, I would need to be able to earn $400 a week to live off all this full-time/part-time and not get my government dole.

I would like to know more about the cards for rent!

You can find a "rent" button under each card on the Peakmonsters market. There you see the daily renting costs, the monthly ROI and the length of the contract. You probably have to pay an escrow price, which will be given half to the renter and half to the owner after successful contract end. If the contract is broken by either party, the other party gets the escrow. You need Peak credits to pay your daily fees. Just load up some Steem in your Peakmonsters profile.

🙏 thanks - I’ll study now 🐳

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Great point I'm also very close to maxxjng out most reward cards as well. Feels good. I've realized my steem is going to be used for steemfesg tickets and splinterlands life

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Greetings, grand @flauwy

Excelent post that you made, man. Very informative. Lets see what will happen when hard fork occurs

thank you and have good night

100% agreed! Made this point a few weeks ago with some folks. Look how low STEEM price is but splinterlands cards have held most of their value. NOW is a great time to sell a some rewards cards for STEEM, because you get way more STEEM! Some people couldn't grasp this, but same goes for trading SBD to STEEM.

STEEM is low, BUY LOW! or better yet, play a game and earn STEEM while it's low! Good message here @flauwy..

Thank you! What do you mean with SBT to Steem? Do you mea the conversion, which takes three days but gives one USD worth of Steem for each SBD?

Yes converting SBD to STEEM, best time to do this is when steem is low. When STEEM rises can buy back your SBD plus extra.

Awesome Tips @flauwy Thanks! Upped 💯 and resteemed👍😎👾👹
#palnet #steemleo #steemace #spt #neoxian #battle

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All good tips but its important to note that its all a gamble. STEEM could very well keep tanking in USD value while DEC has held steady at $1 per 1000. I suspect it will be very hard for STEEM to recover its USD worth.

Well, I just handle it the way that I treat Steem as if it would NEVER rise again anymore. That doesn't stop me from getting more, because it is the foundation of everything I do. I am 100% full-time Steemian. :)

That's a good way to look at it. If one Don't expect it to go up then one will never be disappointed at the price.

Keep up the great work :)