The Hurdles Of Delegating Entire Decks In Splinterlands And Why It Is Still A Good Idea

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The past Splinterlands season was a huge experience for me: I have delegated all my cards to other accounts and was not able to play myself at all. It wasn't easy a combined with a massive amount of organisation to delegate all the cards. And ultimately I even ran into one of the few hurdles/bugs/features of that system, which did cost me a lot of money and nerves.


The first goal was to automize my fathers Gold league deck and hand it over to some other players. All his major cards were delegated to @crystal-grinder and setup with the @herons-unlimited service from @tcpolymath. He found a player for the deck and I wrote a lengthy article about the Thai Fighters. The result of that was a constant stream of DEC into my fathers account, without wasting my time playing it myself. The income is hence smaller, as we share the rewards with the players 50/50, but it is entirely passive for us now and that is amazing.

How The 'Thai Fighters' Are Grinding Dark Energy Crystals With Our Gold League Deck

Then I was starting my own Herons account and that was where the trouble began. I have delegated my cards to a new Herons account but since they were previously rented via Peakmonsters to other players, they came with a cooldown and I had to wait. This was annoying, as my daily income stream stopped entirely for that time. Every day I was looking at the cooldowns, hoping for them to finally disappear. After one week, I realized that most of my cards were AUTOMATICALLY re-rented to other players, because they were still listed on Peakmonsters. This created yet another cooldown for me and ended up to be my personal worst-case scenario.

I had previously assumed, that when you manually delegate a card to another player, that would cancel all existing renting offers on Peakmontsers.


Peakmonsters will take your cards, undelegate them from wherever you have delgated to, and then re-delegate them to the new renter - exactly as you have set it up on their market. This seems to be a limitation of the code and can currently not be handled in any other way. To avoid such a disaster, you have to manually cancel your rental contracts for all the cards that you don't want to be listed on Peakmonsters anymore.

Ultimately, I ended up undelegating all my cards, in endless frustration, back to my main account. Now I am trying to limit my loss by playing that deck myself again - working around the cooldowns.


Manual Partnerships With Kryptokayden

As I have reported recently, I have teamed up with the top player @kryptokayden, who is now playing my main deck. This is ideal for me, because her skill is far superior to mine. This becomes evident in her current position, right before the end of the season: While her own account is currently top 10, she played up my @monster-grinder account to the top 25. We are both hoping for a top 50 position at the end, which would be far beyond my own achievements in the past seasons.

Teaming Up With Kryptokayden In Splinterlands

Instead of automatically handling the account via @herons-unlimited and burn all the cards, we are managing the account together and sell all reward cards on the market, which should reap in higher returns for both of us. It requires more effort but is also more fun for both of us, so we are taking the extra effort gladly. I like to have one account like this and one like that. It shows me the best out of both worlds.


Back To The Grind

As my third deck has returned home now, I have begun to finally play myself once more. And what joy it is. After my father told me, that it would be more lucrative to work at McDonalds than playing the game, I became very frustrated, which lead to me delegating all cards away. This was actually such a financial loss for me, that it did not help my situation at all, it made it far worse. Living entirely of Steem and Splinterlands is not easy.

At least I am now contributing to my guild again and have some fun playing the game. And the incoming Dark Energy Crystals will put some food on my table. Last week was a hungry week.



One deck in Champion I under the top 50 (so far), one deck in Champion I (which is designed for Gold league) and my personal deck in Diamond II (I hope to reach Diamond I before the end of the season). Alltogether, that is a very nice result. There is still much to do, as I am still lacking tournament players, for two of my decks. I have one tournament player with @sirtorito, who was brought home some tournament prices on his very first attempt. I haven't been able to win anything in tournaments in a long time, so that is yet another win for me.

Champion I
Champion III
Diamond I

All-in-all, I am really excited about the possibilites of Splinterlands. I don't have to play the game to still profit from it. But playing it myself is still the best way to get returns. So I think I have finally found a good balance. I can handle one account but not several. Sharing with other players is both good for them as well as for me. But don't underestimate the work, I have spend many hours to set it all up. Now I am curious how the season end in a few hours will influence the payouts, particular for the Herons account. Since it is all automated, I will get the result right away after the player opened the season reward cards.

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I have a shit-tonne of cards I’m not using because I don’t get to play much...

Is it best to go through Peakmonsters to delegate?

I gotta say I went to do it a while back and was overwhelmed by the fact that I had to do it one card at a time.

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Yes, with Peakmonsters it is much easier. You can select multiple cards and then send them all at once to your delegation account. I think there is a limit of how many at once but it is way faster than with the original Splinterlands frontend. The good thing is, that you only have to do it once.

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