Creating A Herons-Unlimited Deck For Your Splinterlands Cards

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When @tcpolymath saw people burning thousands of precious cards with the introduction of @splinterlands in-game currency Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), he came up with @ottermaker, a bot that pays you 101% of all your cards DEC value. He made a business out of that and re-sells the cards for higher prices on the market. This service became the foundation for the @herons-unlimited delegation system, where other people play your deck and share the profit with you, by automatically selling all reward cards to @ottermaker, who distributes DEC and tournament winnings to both the player and the owner. Here is how I build my Gold league deck.


Picking the Splinters

You don't need to delegate only maxed out cards for the highest league. Actually, there is a high demand for Gold and Silver league decks, as playing on the lower leagues is still super profitable. To be able to solve the daily quests for the rewards cards, any deck needs four out of the five splinters without Dragon. If they get the quest for the fifth splinter, they can change it for a new one. I have delegated my spare Fire, Water, Life and Death splinters, while avoiding the Earth splinter. I didn't have enough of the important cards to make it playable.


You don't need the Dragon splinter at all for the daily quests, and most cards there are also very expensive legendaries, particularly the Selenia Sky summoner. You can have a cheap entry into Dragon with Daria and Delwyn, which are both able to boost your other splinters. Additionally, you can easily get the Manticore, which is a very capable 2nd position tank. But these are optional choices to make the life of your players a little bit easier in some situations.img_element_dragon.png

Picking the Cards

Just like with the splinters, you don't need all cards for a successful deck and they don't have to be on their highest levels either. Most importantly, make sure that all summoners are high enough for the league limitations. In Gold league, you can summon level 8 common cards, level 6 rare cards, level 5 epic cards and level 3 legendary cards, for example. For that, you need your rare summoners on level 6. That is the first step to allow for powerful enough cards. You can find the level limitations for all cards in each league description under the BATTLE! tab.

The common cards don't need to be all on level 8. Some cards get their important updates already on level 6 or 7, which will be much more affordable to get. In the end, the players have to deal with the setup you create for them, so make sure it is good enough to reap in the results you expect. Rare cards are the easiest and cheapest to get to their Gold league limit on level 6. Epics are already very expensive and can often work well on level 3 and 4 already. And legendaries are a luxury for Herons accounts but will certainly boost their playability and hence increase your passive income.

Don't forget about the neutral and reward cards, which will enhance your deck a lot. Particularly the Elven Cutthroat, the Centaur, the Creeping Ooze and Lord Arianthus are incredibly helpful. Their prices on the market reflect that fact very well.


Find a Player

When you are ready to delegate your cards, contact @tcpolymath on Discord under tcpolymath#2171 and request a free @herons-unlimited account, where you can start delegating your cards to from the deck you have prepared. There might be cooldowns on your cards, if they have been used recently by another player, so you have wait until the cooldowns disappear, before the player can do ranked league matches.

Finally, you need someone who wants to play your deck. This can be anybody, even a person you don't know any further, as you will merely delegate your cards to a Herons account and still keep 100% ownership and control of them. If you don't have any person available at hand, @tcpolymath will find someone for you.

The only thing left now is leaning back and enjoy your passive income. You probably want to keep in touch with the player to learn about the deficits of your deck and improve it over time.



Splinterlands is a passive income monster. If you have invested into your cards and you don't play them yourself, then this will be a nice extra income and make your investment quickly worthwhile. In fact, it has become so profitable, that cards are selling quickly on the market and booster packs are coming to the Betas end. I am glad to use @herons-unlimited, because after playing already three different accounts, I have also reached my end. ;-)

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I love the style of your posts ;)
But I still don't fully get what you need in order to delegate one fully working heron.

Do I only need one level 6 splinter to delegate to that account, or would I need several?

To be able to solve the daily quests for the rewards cards, any deck needs four out of the five splinters without Dragon.

With only one splinter the quests cannot be solved. That would be a terrible deck to play. You need at least four splinters to make it work. You choose what league you build the deck for. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Champion - you build the deck, the player deals with it. There are literally millions of different ways to build a Herons account.

Sorry, I overlooked that part. Okay, I'll have to check what kind of decks I could build with my collection.
Only thing that I am a bit weary about, what happens if one of the reward cards is a GFL?
Would that also be automaticaly converted to DEC?

Yes, all cards are automatically converted.

I wish i have some more time to play another account , those heron offers so much tempting ..

seems veeeeeeery appealing to me! definitely going to check it out (although i am quite new to steemmonsters and don't have a lot of cards yet...)!

Why the focus on completing the daily quests, would it not be better to say build max level cards for two splinters and encourage your player to get ranked higher up the league and just win more matches thus earning more DEC

I think that maxing two splinters is more expensive than four on gold league limits but I might be wrong. They would probably require the important neutrals, reward and promo cards to be maxed as well. The reward cards are so valuable already, they are worth running potions on them. And you can still solve quests when you focus on winning and not on a splinter, by just waiting for the right moments.

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