Dosdudes is proud to present a giveaway/contest of 250 SPT Tokens #25

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Welcome to @dkid14 @shoemanchu page, we are @dosdudes and we are still out here doing the most and we non stop give without any strings attached, we have and will continue giving @steembasicincome @steemmonsters cards, and all the token's you have grown to love......

You surely don't want to miss out, the best way to grow your account is to join contests and giveaways because you can keep the stuff if you win or you can sell it for Steem and POWER UP.......

So today start's a New contest, @dosdudes will be giving away 250 SPT Tokens
Here are the rules of entry:

Select a number between 1-49, if your number pops up in the video, in the @dosdudes electronic machine, you will win one. Multiple winners if same number is drawn.

Only 1 Entry per person

@dosdudes has been growing and it thanks to you all for the support, Thank you all and see you on the next giveaway.


Thank you for stopping by our page

God Bless

Strive for the Best.....

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