Splinterlands New Accounts Creation History | Onboarding?

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When a new player goes to the Splinterlands web he has an option to buy a starter pack and create a new Steem account. New accounts are saved on the Steem blockchain and one can see who is creating them. I’m doing a regular monthly report on new Steem accounts with info on who created the accounts as well. Splinterlands or more precise the @steemmonsters account is always in the top 5 creators of Steem accounts.


Here we will be looking more closely in the number of Steem accounts created by the @steemmonsters account starting from the very beginning, June 2018 till November 2019.

A data on the daily, monthly and cumulative account created will be presented. Also some stats on the number of posts and balance of these accounts.

Number of daily accounts created

Below is the chart for the number of daily accounts created in 2018.


Splinterlands started creating accounts in June 2018 with just a few accounts created in that first month. The account creation process become more regular in July 2018 and really took off in October. On average there is around 7 accounts created per day in this period.

A total of 1347 accounts created by the @steemmonsters account in 2018!

Now let’s see 2019. Here is the chart.


We can notice immediately that there is even more account created in 2019, especially towards the end of the period. The average number of accounts created per day is just above 13.

A total of 4388 accounts created by the @steemmonsters account from January till November 2019!

Monthly accounts created

Now let’s see the number of accounts created per month for better visibility.

Below is the chart for accounts created starting from June 2018 till November 2019.


A nice increase in the last month. I guess this is because of the Kickstarter campaign, but not sure. The average for the period is above 300 monthly account created.

The cumulative number of accounts created chart.


A total of 5735 accounts created!

Are all these accounts active?

No, they are not. Even just from the number of active accounts, that is around 3000 at the moment we can conclude this. Almost 6k accounts created, 3k active. Thats half. Even more a lot of the accounts active are from Steemians that were already here and had an account. This reduces the number of active accounts created by @steemmonsters even more.

Out of the 5735 accounts created by @steemmonsters, 1170 have posted or commented at least once, and 792 have more than 1 STEEM balance at the moment. Further analysis can be made for the exact number of active account but will leave it for the future :).

Splinterlands the success story of the Steem Blockchain!

The number of accounts created from Splinterlands and the increasing trend for it, is just one of the positive metric Splitnerlands has.

This game has been a real jam of the Steem blockchain and a real success story Steemians can sell. I’m also looking at the @lukestokes exchanges reports and I can see a lot of Splinterlands players in the deposit list. This game is providing a base and usability for the STEEM token, and the blockchain as whole.

See you at the battlefield!

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Those are some impressive numbers! Been keeping a eye on the daily number of account splinterlands has created. Nice to see the totals!

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It was interesting for me to check them out as well.

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Why do I have the feeling that most accounts are merely bots?


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Awesome Splinterlands post!

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