Four Pirate Quests In A Row

in spt •  9 months ago 

This must be a new record for me. Never gotten more than three quests of the same splinter in a row before and luckily, i had just upgraded my Water Deck yesterday.

I find that with my Level 3 summoner and upgraded cards like the Medusa, Water Elemental and Sea Monster, Silver II is a lot more enjoyable even in the first week of the season.


Today's rewards weren't the best. I was tempted to buy a potion but i'll save it for upgrading another summoner instead - whichever quest i get tomorrow.

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I Like #PirateSunday You should come and Do a Post on Sunday and use The #piratesunday TAG. I usually Give an UP Vote for People that Post on #PirateSunday.............

I hadn't heard of the tag till now but I'll be sure to do so! Thanks for letting me know.

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