Death Decking

in spt •  11 months ago 

Got the Death Deck quest today and i couldn't back out of it. Turned out better than i expected with it taking less than an hour. Haunted Spirit for the win!

I don't have many good cards for the deck but i can see some potential for it. Well, luckily i still remain in Silver.


Both cards i already have before so nothing special here. Just going to level them up and see how things go. This season does feel easier than the last couple of ones. Is it because of less botting or is there some other dynamic going on?

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I think some of the major players left or are delegating, which opens up top spots, making everyone else have an easier time climbing. Not to mention lots of people at gold/silver stopped playing only to delegate to heron accounts.

Yeah the gameplay does get repetitive after a while and i haven't even played for that long.