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I'm really very glad to share with you all that the Monster Market site is now live. This is great news for all the Steem monsters players. The reason is that you can purchase cards from the Monster Market user interface and get a 3% cashback now for all the purchases using SBD and STEEM. I thought I will write a detailed review of the site so that it will be useful for first-time users.

Link: http://sm.steemify.me/



Let me start this review with a small background on this site. Maybe it would be appropriate to call this a tool instead of a website. The site was developed by @reazuliqbal from the BDCommunity server. There was initially a discord bot with all the functionalities that we currently see on the website. The discord bot is now leveraged with a great user interface and the web version of that bot is Monster Market. The Monser-market bot is still available as a discord bot in the BDCommunity discord server as well as supporting the discord users.

Website features

The website comes as a UI extension for the good features that Monster-Market bot already has in discord. But with the web version of it, it becomes easier to make a purchase and pay for the purchase using Steem Keychain. I would like to list out the features one by one with the screenshot.

  • Steem Keychain: Steem Keychain is one of the biggest and attractive features we have on the website. We don't have to be dependent on the direct keys anymore. Steem Keychain takes care of handling the keys while making purchases. When I try to log in, I will be asked to authenticate using Steem Keychain.


  • Filter cards by type - We have this feature in the Splinterlands website itself and also on the Peakmonsters website. Based on the card type we choose the list of available cards that will be listed. In the below screenshot I have filtered only the cards that are Summoners.


  • List of cards with pagination: - One good thing that I liked about the site is that we will be able to see all the cards that are available in the market for sale with pagination.


  • Add to cart feature: If we would like to purchase some cards, we have to first filter out the cards from the filter options and choose the desired card. The list of cards available in the market will be displayed. There will be an option available to add the cards to the cart. It will be displayed on the main page. This helps in the bulk purchase of the cards.


A total of 3 options available now to purchase the cards. Either with SBD, STEEM or DEC. In these 3 purchases, STEEM and SBD will give you an instant cashback of 3% but if you are purchasing cards with DEC option and if your purchase is above 5000 DEC, you can contact @reazuliqbal in discord to get some attractive cashbacks for your purchases. There was an announcement from @zaku about this and he also made a post about this announcement with more details.


Some enhancement suggestions

I don't have a big list of suggestions but a few things that I wanted to highlight. It could be better to have a search option on the site so that we can search for the desired card along with the filter options available. It can be something like if people use the search options, the filer options on the left side can be grayed out or the search result appears in a pop up not affecting the filters.

It would be nice to introduce other payment options like Steem Connect as well because the site is not usable now in mobile devices. I'm happy with the usability and responsiveness in the mobile browser because it is bootstrap but unable to use it on mobile devices.


Overall it is awesome and I tried purchasing a few cards with the help of the site and I was able to get instant cashbacks. I'm glad that we have a web user interface so that I can find myself comfortable using that with keychain instead of sending messages to the discord bot and getting replies from that and using the link to do the payment. When I'm using my laptop this becomes an easy option for me. Great work @reazuliqbal.


Hello bro, SteemConnect payment is implemented on the website.

Cool bro. Now I can use it from mobile as well. 👍

Yes, bro. And if you are on phone, you can always use the Discord bot. :)

Congrats BD community!

@tipu curate :)

Thank you @cardboard. 🙏

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