Last Season's Monster Dividents, and Daily Monster Dividents

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Yup, it's about that time I showcase last season's monster dividends. Although unlike with last season where I was rewarded with 3 or 4 goldies, I got none this time around. But still, the loot I got this season is still pretty sweet. 7 Rares, 2 Epics, and 1 Legendary!

Sadly, as predicted in a recent SM post of mine, I didn't get to reach the Diamond III league. After countless backs and forths between the 2500s and 2700s, I eventually gave in, and settled at Gold I. This season though, I'm definitely reaching it! Anyways,

Season's Dividents:

I gotta say, Naga Windmaster is growing on me, specially when coupled with Selenia, Pirate Captain , Pirate Archer, Water Elemetal, and if space allows it, the Crustacean King.

Yes, even though I haven't alluded to it in a while I still love to wreak havoc with Selenia. Depending on the situation and against which team, she can unleash a massacre that will leave your opponent scratching his head.

Daily Dividents:


For Thursday's quest, I was assigned the Water quest. I finished ridiculously fast, only losing one battle in the process.


Here again I was given the Water quest. Unlike with the previous one though, things didn't go as smoothly. No where close actually, it took many losses and many hours of break in between to finally claim my prize. It was worth it though, thanks to that hustle, another epic was added to my collection.

Well, that's it for this edition, shoutout to flauwy and the steemmonsters team for the graphics, and until next time;


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