My First Splinterlands Maxed Gold Card

Hi there,

It has been long since I last posted an update on my life in Splinterlands or on the Steem Blockchain in general. That said, I back at it again with my splinterlands update post.



A long time ago, I posted about my first three splinterlands max cards which are Prismatic Energy, Crystal werewolf and Pirate Archer respectively. The posts are still very much fresh on blog. So, you ca check them out if you're willing to do so.

Today's post is about my first splinterlands maxed Gold card.

Screenshot 287.png

Wood Nymph, a very pretty lady who is very useful and a key figure in the earth splinter. I feel in love with the beauty of this monsters and decided to keep it such that it's always shiny and blinking and adds up to her beauty lol

Screenshot 288.png

Wood Nymph has the tank heal and strengthen abilities as an addition to it's magic attack. It took 38 singles of wood nymphs to attain max level and I bought like over 27 from the market while the rest either came from my quest or season rewards.

So, that was it for my first Splinterlands max gold card. Isn't she beautiful? and even more beautiful in gold?

Thank you for your time!

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From Splinterlands, I wish you a great day!

@akomoajong 30/01/2020

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Congrats on the beautiful gold lady, @akomoajong

Thank you! <3 . . . I love Gold too haha! I mean, who doesn't? lol

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Congrats... I still wait for at least 1 gold wood nymph to drop in my rewards 😂 but my Lyana's only lvl 2, won't ever seen her with this strengthen power.

Hi, thanks for stopping by and wish you luck in getting one this season. It actually took a long time before I could get one from my rewards but I was able to get a few after the first one. Wish you better luck!

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