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This is an extensive write up.

Reminds me to eat kimchi and wash my hands.

It prevents covid-19 until it doesn't.

My favorite line today.

I picked that rhetoric trick up from an older relative.

I'm happy with the feedback I get from these posts. Something for everyone. I try to make it easy to skim.

Spring is arriving early here in NY too and I am thinking it is time to move my seedlings to the greenhouse. I have a lot of raised beds and gardens around my home and I know how much gardening becomes an important part of your life. I hope that you can find a good place to grow your veggies this season. At least if you do you will know what is on them. Enjoy!

Spring is always an exciting time of year. Glad you get an early start, too. Eventually, I want to get my own permanent plot so I can avoid the uncertainty. I'll find something. I need it because it's a huge stress reliever.

I hope you have a great growing season this year. :)

I do agree, there is nothing like caring for the plants and enjoying nature to relieve stress. I hope you find something soon. Thanks for the good wishes.

I have to say that with the Steemit/Tron drama, a week of power outages (albeit scheduled), up to as much as 7,5 hours a day and a Steemian I trusted, and who hosted my website having just disappeared resulting in the domain I own being locked, my head hurts. Oh, and the second course I'm supposed to be starting that gives me the piece of paper that says I can teach online. I now have the TEFL one. I haven't forgotten that I said I'd write about it. I will - when my head hurts less and when my site is back and I can publish via steempress. Sigh...

I do, think, though that we/they/whoever do/does have to push through this impasse. I also have to say that as a little fish, it's now getting boring. I fear that this is exactly what Sun wants.

On Covid-19 - I had a mini rant in my last post. I do not want to pooh-pooh what is going on, but the fear and paranoia is causing mayhem. At the risk of being accused of being all New Age-y, all this negativity is really bad for us. I agree that we need a sanguine approach: wash your hands (as one should have been doing), eat properly (i.e. healthy food) and be sensible.

I do hope you find a garden plot. We all need that little space to get fingers into the earth and grow things.

Happy spring!

Stay healthy!

PS the link to your kimchi recipe gives me a 404... :(

It has been quite rough the past few weeks. I keep telling myself it could have been worse.
I'm really sorry to hear about that issue with your website. I hope it has a positive conclusion and you can use Steempress again soon.
Congratulations on finishing your TEFL. It seems like you learned something and it was worth it. Online teaching should be interesting. I know a few people doing that right now. I've done some phone or video stuff, but it was more tutoring than teaching.
The issue is getting boring. I'm guessing he isn't even planning on selling now that the price crashed so much. Now is in a really difficult position because he has to get the community on board Steem development or the price will never recover. I hope he loses big time.
Covid-19 is bad, but yeah fear and negativity is worse, as is usually the case.

Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you stay healthy too. I'll try to fix that broken link.

Thanks, I am hoping that by Monday it will be sorted. Seems there's a 48-hour window during which they try to contact the host before it can be unblocked. I don't really want to understand; I just want it sorted.

With all these outages, I'm having to focus on the work that pays the bills - everything else is taking a back seat. The outages have downgraded to level 3, which means it's done for today, but tomorrow is another 7-odd hours with no power if they stay at this stage. It wreaks havoc with life in general, never mind online studying or work.

That brings me to the online course: my plan is to tutor rather than teach. And to work with adults. Hopefully in college/university/business contexts because that's where my experience and expertise lie.

Thanks for fixing the link to your kimchi post: fascinating. I've forwarded it to a friend of mine who is a potter and who has tried making kimchi (in a beautiful urn she had made) and wants to give it another bash. I'm hoping this might inspire her.

And as for the rest, I guess that unless I have to change a witness vote or whatever, it's wait and see....

Have a good weekend!

It's interesting about the power situation. Shame they cannot work on conservation amd at least give people smaller amounts like 100watt at all times. Although I guess a reasonable battery set up could allow for that.

I'm sure you will find a lot of people interested in being tutored, especially online. The pay is a little lower, but the convenience is incomparable. Besides I'm sire your reputation will grow.

Thanks for sharing my kimchi link, I wish her success. My actual recipe is vague, but I do link to some good ones.

Everything will eventually work out the way it happens to work out.

Well, after my rant, loadshedding has been suspended. It's a long story, summarised I two words/phrases, Zuma and state capture,so to get the system on an even keel, we are told to expect this for the next year to 18 months.

Thanks for the encouragement. Much appreciated

We all need encouragement during these challenging times.
I hope he is right and it ends someday. Unless they are building power stations and tackling corruption, I have my doubts.

Well, as I said to Pennsif: Since there's been a change in the guard as it were and they're cleaning house (too many cliches), I am happier to put up with it. There's a bit more candour when there's a breakdown and a commitment to actually stabilising and improving the system. Of course, the economic impact of Covid-18 might mean that demand reduces and they get it sorted quicker.

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On my way to work along the street, I noticed the dreary winter plants were replaced with what appear to be tulips to my untrained eye.

My feeling is that the yellow flowers are daffodils.

Actually, I don't think the term legal really matters here.

Agreed. Between the pre-Sun Witnesses' installation of HF22.2 and the actions of the exchanges involved in STEEM governance using their clients' undelegated STEEM has truly highlighted the lesson, that on The Chain, possession is ten tenths of the law.

I think you are right about the flower type. Thank you for pointing that out :)

possession is ten tenths of the law.

Yes! That was the expression I was looking for.

We will get it back, or plan B make it irrelevant.

Congratulations @abitcoinskeptic!

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Oh man... The garden... Ours is a mess! Pity you can't rent the plot this year, you had an awesome looking harvest the last year!

Yeah, I'm still fairly upset. Hopefully, things change or I find someplace nice.
I guess you will have a lot of free time to work in the garden this spring unless things turn around quickly.

Ha ha... Yes, I suddenly have an entire free month with no income! Well, there are lots of house things to do!

I do hope you find some things to do. I would imagine private lessons and tutoring are relatively unaffected (the kids don't need to leave their homes). You could even do diagnostic improvement or try to work on a youtube channel (I've been watching one of these two violin players) or different project to earn income.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for sure! In the southeast US where I am, while it hasn't been as cold as last winter, I'm into my 5th month of not having to run either the AC or the heat. Saves lots of money.

I posted a video on my twitter this morning that shows a guy wearing a mask on a train in Belgium, who pulls the mask down, puts his finger in his mouth, then wipes his germs on the pole in front of him. I wonder how long it will stay up. I'm expecting that twitter will ban the video.

I have hopes that we can get steem away from Justin for good. I personally am at the point now where I would not continue on here if we fail and steem becomes his. As for downvotes, I'm for it, but I think that we need to make it so people can't downvote without a good reason. Downvoting a post because one is simply an asshole who loves doing assholish things, needs to be punished somehow, IMO.

The river in Seoul never froze over once this year. That only happened 8 times in the last 120 years. You are right, my heating bill was also cheap. I run it anyway because warm wife = happy wife.

I don't know why people do these things. The polls on the train are so dirty as it is. inadvertently doing something is one thing, but intentionally being careless is another. I probably won't die or end up in ICU if I catch it, but I could end up giving it to someone who either cannot afford to be sick or doesn't fare so well.

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You pack a lot of topics into a post 😁
Love those flowers!

I've been avoiding posting daily and just saving them up because I like to.

Flowers are nice, I will look for more tomorrow.
Thank you for visiting.

Korea's response to the outbreak sounds good. The government is very good in handling the situation. Here in the Philippines they just put on a soft lockdown on our Capital "Manila". Allowing employees can still enter the city, people need to work to survive.

Yes, I like their response. I believe they are trying hard because it is election season. Let's hope it works.

I hope your city is saved too. I wanted to go to the Philippines at the end of April, but I changed my mind. I suppose it will still be around next year.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank You ~~ "."

This is a crazy world, you don't have to try to understand much because if we don't get worse, I'm going to see where the river takes us, as they say in my country.

That's a lovely expression.

No garden this year, that’s said, just as you look at the picture. The borders are there and some indeed is growing already. But I hope he changes his mind and will lease you the piece. The stress relieve together with producing you own organic pesticide free veggies is a must!
I hope you hear soon cause some seeds need to be planted in April / May

Most farms are just clearing up the mess now. In a couple of weeks people will be planting, I estimate about 7~12 days earlier this year.
Yes for me it is mostly about the stress relief. I do save a little money, but when I consider the time spent, it's not about saving the money.
Thanks for encouraging words.

but I do think eating healthy, exercising, fresh air and taking basic precautions is always good.

Oh yes, yes, and yes to this. Waiting to try to act healthy until after the fact isn't much good at all.

I'm on the fence about whether Justin's cache of Steem is private or not. Definitely he seems to believe it is, or is at least acting that way. BUT... if the only claim to this cache being "public" is a gentleman's agreement between Ned and the community, then Justin has a pretty significant claim. Honestly, I don't know the backstory, but right now it seems that no one is willing or able to provide any legal documentation one way or another. Which really sucks.

I'm on the fence about whether Justin's cache of Steem is private or not.

Most people are. For me, the main point is they keep mentioning their non-disclosure agreement. They are abusing this term to avoid transparent discussions. It's their right, but what outcome did they expect. There is definitely no smoking gun on either side to win a moral victory. The main issue is what would be accepted as a legal document? Which legal authority does any of this come under? I certainly don't want to be bound by the rules of the USA or China or EU when I act on Steem.

Good to hear you are looking after yourself with healing foods to ward off the coronavirus.

After experiencing a Canadian winter you are certainly climatize for one in Korea.

Good luck on getting your garden plot again this year.

Keeping staying positive and cheerful. 💕

Thank you.

I hope you do well, too. I imagine some on PEI will be hit hard by a lack of tourism. Hopefully, it doesn't wreck the economy too much. In my mind, the potential for economic disaster may be worse than the virus itself.

We haven’t had any cases on PEI but neighbouring province, N.B., has reported one case with a woman coming back from France. Gas prices have gone down and toilet paper prices have risen and flying off the selves. Go figure! Lol

I think Saudi Arabia and Russia are behind the oil prices decreasing. I'm not fully sure why they are doing it, but if their aim is to destabilize the global economy, now is a great time to do just that.

The toilet paper thing is very strange. The amount everyone uses is fairly consistent. I can't really figure out how or why this started. Most people I know already have a good several months supply at home.

Given how much (over reaction?) attention Covid-19 is getting here in America and the reported success of efforts to blunt its advance there in South Korea, I enjoyed reading what you shared @abitcoinskeptic.

Since surviving a far too close encounter with c-diff years ago, I have a big fan of all of the fermented food types we can eat to strengthen our immune system, so I think you are wise to be doing that. If it doesn't prevent getting this "pandemic" illness altogether, it should at least increase your chances of it only delivering a "glancing blow" ...

And the owner of the land is taking your garden plot away?! Now that is serious business! 😉 At a minimum, while not obligated of course, hopefully he provided an explanation that might have helped dealing with this bad news.

P.S. As for the Steem "Wars?"

@hkdev404 transfers in another "whale-sized" block of Steem - 2020-03-13 @ 13:22:24 (UTC)

🔥 💰 🔥 ⏰ 🔥

The cost to us all continues to increase ...

Some of the panic is ridiculous. However, the economic damage is inevitable at this point. Tourism is an obvious first, but other industries will suffer down the road, too. It's why I get nervous watching the government immediately start tossing out free money. Emergency soft-loans are fine, but compensation should not be provided until full-impact is assessed.

If it doesn't prevent getting this "pandemic" illness altogether, it should at least increase your chances of it only delivering a "glancing blow" ...

I agree. Even if it doesn't help at all and I get terribly ill, I like eating the stuff anyway.

And the owner of the land is taking your garden plot away?! Now that is serious business!

He rents it out to people every year, but I think he wants to do something else this year (he said 'personal reasons', I didn't ask, I'll call again in a week or so to see if his reason changed). Ultimately, it's his land his choice. If I buy an apartment, I think I will buy a plot not too far away so this can never happen again and I can grow things that require more than 1 season.

Great to see your garden is in yielding progression ^^ A far more encouraging topic then the discussions about steem. I actually very like the idea of no free downvotes. This lets people reconsider their actions and is a great way I believe ;) .. have a nice weekend !

Thanks. My garden hasn't started, but there are others in the area starting.

I also don't think people should just downvote freely for no reason. However, downvotes are really important and the doenvoter shouldn't be at a disadvantage. If you take a look at what's actually the issue, the abusers are pretty bad, while those fighting it are honest.

Never tried kimchi but really want to.

I'll pass from the Steem/TRON drama, I'm too much of a small fish to be heard or have any influence lol.

Look forward to the garden journal!


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I recommend to try kimchi if you have the chance.

I do like that getting involved in this is a choice. I also don't think it will impact small stakeholders a whole lot.

The "tulips" are daffodils. The next shot has daffodils and pansies.
I think your attitude is what's going to keep you healthy. Good job! We need more like you!
Sorry about your garden. And it's time to start seeds here. I gotta get going on that myself, thanks for the reminder.

You are much better at identifying flowers than me. Thanks for the help.
I think always is the best time to be and act healthy.
Good luck on your garden this year!

Oh I hope you can find a garden plot @abitcoinskeptic! What a disappointment! I know how much enjoyment to get from gardening, not to mention the healthy food! Keep your eyes open, I'm sure there will be another plot around your home. I do miss not having my own garden, the tomatoes grown here are horrid, really painful! As for Steemit and the virus...I figure this too will pass, we just need to keep Steemin on! 😉

Thanks. I'm sure I will find a good place in the next couple of weeks.
Fresh tomatoes are a favorite of mine, too.
I also think the virus will go away in a couple of months. Not panicking amd avoidimg hospitalisation are my strategies.

Awesome post! A little of this and a little of that. I was laughing at the end of the top section where you stated that you got board with the subject matter. hahaha... Writing what your thinking.. that's cool! I have to agree with you on the SMT's and the whole debacle of who's is who's and who is lying.. yes both Justin and Ned. Neither trustworthy. But I didn't expect anything else out of them.

Have a great weekend!

Hahaha. I am completely bored about thinking of Steem. A few more ideas left to express especially with SMT, but these can wait a bit.
I don't think anyone reasonable trusts those people, they just wamt to ise this situation to also take advantage of doing things not ordinarily possible.

Spot on!

Spring is beautiful and now I am dealing with the corona issue... By the way, never tasted kimchi before.. I should taste it...

I hope you have a nice spring amd avoid coronavirus. Let's hope it doesn't impact our lives too much.
Kimchi is great. If you can find Koreans, you can find kimchi :)

I love to see signs of spring and those are some beautiful flowering bushes! I bought myself a bunch of daffodils just like in your picture for my office for everything is still covered with over a foot of snow so it will be awhile before we see any plants poking their head out of the frozen ground. Sorry to hear you won't be having your same plot again! I do hope you get another plot - I did enjoy looking at your garden journal posts!

I've seen pictures of Canada recently and it still looks like winter in most places. We had one and a half days with decent snow cover here (1-2 inches). Sometimes I miss that weather. If I move back to Canada, I want some land. I could do with about 50% of the winter though.

Indoor flowers are great when they don't grow outdoors. My family usually keeps some in their kitchen.

I hope I get a garden plot soon, otherwise, I'll have a boring summer.

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! Great discussion and interesting points, it'll be interesting to see how the steemit/tron situation plays out. I like your diet ideas and I hope you find a nice garden plot if you have to leave the one you have.

This situation is interesting for everyone. I've heard 4 plans so far: follow justin, make justin follow us, compromise, give up and do something else. The last either means a fork (keep Steem and our wallet contents and go separate) or a new social blockchain (not sure if anything here other than unvoted content could be transferred).

I hope I find a nice garden place, too. Ideally, getting it back would be best. I like my garden more than I like Steem.

Glad you can already see colors now that the spring has arrives earlier. 👏👏 The yellow flowers are daffodils. They are so lovely!

I'm not in the know of the Steemit war, so I'll skip it. Hehehe. 😂

eating healthy, exercising, fresh air and taking basic precautions is always good.

I definitely agree with you. Having a healthy immune system is the best defense to any viruses. 😊

I hope the landowner can lease you his land to relieve your stress. I too have a patch of land that's being use for gardening. And it is not our property too. So I can understand the feeling of losing it when the owner would use it for 'personal reasons.'

Thanks. A few people knew what flowers those were. I confuse dandelions and daffodils, I mean they are both yellow, right?

Defence is the best offence, even for viruses. We can't just hope to avoid them, especially if we live in a community.

I hope that I find a new place to garden soon. I have a few weeks to look. Glad you have a good spot and looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

I am not familar with dandelions but I know daffodils. Hahaha! 😂

Sure, I will talk about our garden in my post. I usually do, once a month, through "My Garden Journal" by @simplymike. But since the chaos from the Steem-Sun issue, she had not done it again. So, I think, I'll just post something with regards our garden one of these days, even without the Garden Journal.

She usually onlybdoes it once a month and there is a lot of March left. I don't do it in winter. Did she skip February?

I think so. It seems that it has been so long that I have made an entry. Hehehe. 😂

Spring looks good @abitcoinskeptic 💕


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Thank you @wonderwop :) I hope your spring comes soon, too!

Here in South Africa we had 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19, yesterday evening (I did not check how much we have today), but sofar it seems to me if the government is still very lax. Some private companies are however taking some precautions. I hope it will not spread as much as in some other countries, but if I look at the current precautions, I think it will soon start to spread quickly!!

Hope you get a niece piece of land for your garden!!

I think a lot of governments that know they cannot handle a health crisis are in denial mode. Simce this is a glibal threat, mo ry from outside may not be avaliable. Hopefully South Africa is fine.

Oddly, I'm more worried about my garden because it is something I have control over. It also calms me.

There is a lot of wait-and-see right now - both in world politics and world health - and that tends to cause psychological exhaustion. Factor in Covid-19 and it's a perfect setup for internatonal, universal angst. I agree - let's not contribute to the FUD, but help people have hope. I also hope it is settled soon!

For steem, let's get things back to normal then deal with the people who caused this mess later.
For covid-19, I think social distancing is important. But ignoring it is a really bad idea.

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