How happy it is to continue sports/多么愉快的下去,让体育运动继续下去

in #sportstalklast year

Recently, I have been preparing for travel. I have no experience at all. I am always learning and trying. But for me, sports are also very important. I need to do it every day.

Today, I'm still working hard on the 700 weight-bearing squat in the afternoon. People think it's really hard to do sports like this every day, but in my opinion, it's just a simple process.

I didn't get so much exercise in the first place. At first, I just squatted 100 times a day, then increased to 200 times.

After several months of 200 load squats, my movement began to increase to 900 load squats, which is just a process from weak to strong, as long as everyone can adhere to it.

I will travel next Friday, but I will choose to get up early and finish 10000 weight squats at one time. I don't want to be inactive because of something, so come on!