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I'm moving up to the greater lands already. Just by using the wildcard, I felt the relieve that better days are surely near and fortunately for me, my weekend results wasn't that bad at all compared to the old days.


Retaining Schmeichel wasn't a bad idea though I knew it would be very difficult for Leicester to go through with a cleansheet at Villa.


Acquiring more than 6 points from my defends was actually what I had my mind on because I knew they all do not have matches that can easily provide a cleansheet but it good to know that Jony helped with an Assist.


I'm just so happy seeing this, I'm so lucky to have made the right choice with my captain for the week. Salah did extremely well and his performance really strengthen my team, Grealish also did well but it's quite painful to know that he denied My keeper and Chiwell the cleansheet.


Abraham had a very bad weekend just like Chelsea as a whole did but let's hope it only gets better in the coming days. Rashford's penalty really pressed Manchester City and I also wish I had his Co-player (Martial) before the match.

Jimenez with the assist, even there was no goal, the assist was to a good a count also.


Here's my bench and there's nothing to be pained about, the past week was just an epitome of right choice. Thanks to wildcard!

Nucleus Writes.📝

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