RE: Do you agree that FPL and betting are making football loyalty harder to come by?

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Do you agree that FPL and betting are making football loyalty harder to come by?

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Completely agree. But do also agree that there is a way to overcome this. An Everton fan came in first in FPL several years ago on the hard rule he would never select a player from Liverpool. Klopp was already there and it was insane to think not selecting a Liverpool player. Kudos to him. He came first anyway. I also agree that betting on games involving your team is a mistake. But here's where I will say it isn't so bad to bet on a rival team: It lightens the blow when a rival wins. I myself make better decisions involving teams that aren't my own. But it does give me a situation where if the rival team lost, well it's good for my team. If they won, well, I win money (Assuming that was my expected outcome). I will say the only thing that can really put a question mark on your fanhood is betting against your own team. Which is exactly why I would never do it. That combined with irrationally betting for them. And in the biggest games where my interest is already high anyway, I tend to enjoy the game great without needing to bet. But where betting is nice is I never bet much. But by betting a bit on the odd games it increased my interest in the sport as a whole. I used to only watch the EPL. I watch a lot of La Liga and Bundesliga now as well because I bet a small bit just to have an interest on the game and I became a bigger fan of the sport for it. Even games involving lower half EPL teams I used to not watch but will now for that reason. So there are positives to betting on the odd game.

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Woow that's completely awesome. Some people don't see it that way. They are more focused on what they get to get from it than what their teams played, that's for the sports betting part.
While for the FPL part, it's hard not selecting a player from a rival team especially when he is ontop of his game. It's hard