Anthony Bennett future is unclear

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Bennett made his debut on the NBA stage in the 2013 draft as the overall number one. But his debut was disappointing itself. With an average of 4.2 points and 3.0 rebounds for the rookie season, he played for several teams including Minnesota, Toronto, and Brooklyn, ending his 2016-17 season.

After two seasons in the G-League, he made a return to the NBA stage with a non-guaranteed contract with Houston ahead of this season. Bennett had a three-point shot in the G-League, so he was a lottery ticket that Houston could scratch.

But Bennet's recent decision to undergo left knee arthroscopy has left his future unclear. It also made it impossible for Bennett to miss the training camp and join the team's final roster.

Bennett, meanwhile, had an average of 4.4 points and 3.1 rebounds in 151 games played in four seasons played in the NBA. I think we need to see if he can get back on the NBA stage after overcoming such bad news.


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