Football in Hungary with spectators!

in sportstalk •  last month 

25 % capacity

Ok, it’s a start, not the one true football fans want but at least the are spectators! In the Hungarian pro leagues, today some games were played with audience. And it worked like this, 3 seats stay empty between two spectators and the can’t sit behind another spectator too. It looks ridiculous, but at least some of the seats are taken and there is some atmosphere in the stadium.


And you know what, at the end of the game you saw that behind the goal, some fans were trooping together, despite the strict measures, fans just couldn’t resist to come together! 😏 That’s just how human nature is! We are a species that wants to be social! Luckily!



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Definitely better than with 0 spectators.

I've tried to watch it with empty stadia... Albeit with teams and a league I don't care about..

But they're like training games

I just can't watch it.. Call it off and get ready for next season.

Right back at ya, football without spectators is pointless...