Swimming Race







Swimming is a very exciting sport and many people like it. Swimming is a sport that competes and competes swimmer's speed when swimming. In swimming competitions, many swimming styles are contested. The swimming style is freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. In swimming competitions, a swimmer will be said to be a winner when he is able to complete the track set in the rules with the fastest time record of his opponent. As in the badminton competition, in the swimming race there is also a preliminary round. If the swimmer wins the preliminary round, the swimmer will enter the semifinal. If the swimmer wins in the semifinal, then the swimmer will advance to the final round.

Swimming also has its own initial history like other sports. Swimming began to be held as a race, precisely on the European continent, in 1800. In 1800 most athletes used swimming with breaststroke. In 1896 a major sports competition was held in Athens, the Olympics, swimming also took part in this Athens Olympics. Whereas the International Federation for swimming was born in 1908. The swimming association in Indonesia was first formed in Bandung in 1917. In 1918, a year after the formation of the Swimming Union in Bandung, the Swimming Union in West Java and the Swimming Union in East Java were formed. Due to the many formed Swimming Unions in various regions in Indonesia, the swimming trials began to be held.