Discus throw






Discus throw is one branch of athletic sport that has been known since prehistoric times. This sport began to develop in Indonesia around 45 years because there were developments in the field of sports during the Japanese occupation. The three things that form the basis of disc throwing exercise are physical strength training, throwing strength training and endurance training.

In addition, there are three stages that need to be done when throwing discs, including preparation, implementation and closing. The preparation is done by standing and holding the disc. The implementation consists of a swing, the position of the disc when behind the body and the release of the disc. While closing is the position of the throwing aid in order to create a push and the position of the last right foot when leaning on the body after throwing.

How to throw in the sport of throwing discs is to do the prefix twice a round. Next is to stand with your back to the direction of the throw with the arm holding the disc swung towards the right back then followed by body movements. Besides that the right leg is slightly bent so that most of the body weight is on the right side. Then the disc is swung to the left and the right foot is relaxed with the heel raised accompanied by throwing the disc at 30 degrees from the handle. Swing the disc as far as possible not to precede the rotation of the body and when the disc is released is followed by leaning the body towards the front.

Many say that the sport of discus throwing and shot putting is the same sport. But basically the two sports are very different. The difference lies in the basic technique. Shot put sport is done by pushing while throwing discs is done by throwing techniques. In addition, the fields used are also different from each other.