If wishes were horses

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How I wish anything I think or imagine or want could just come to past without me having to lift my hands or speak or place any instructions before it manifests. Those are the kind of feelings that woke up with me today. Waking up and thinking about the liverpool fc versus Manchester city game today and wishing to see Liverpool come untop of mancity.

Woke up as usual, engage in prayers and set out to Jog. Saturday is one my favorite day as the premiership fixture will be played later during the day. My mind kept crawling to the liverpool game versus Manchester city game and its was kind of weird because am a Chelsea fan but as some one who appreciates good football, I knew two those team ranks up with the best teams in the world.

Now to the my wish, believe me I wish those two teams the best in European tournaments but I wish Manchester city the worst in the premier league this season, on that note their is nothing I wish more than for man city to loose disgracefully against Liverpool. A score line of 5-0 in favour of Liverpool is all I wish for today.

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