Exercise is key for good health

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I wonder why people feel exercising is a waste of precious time or why most people feel only athletes or people who want to loose weight should be the only one doing it. Sorry to break it to you, everyone needs to exercise once in a while at least 3 times a week.

The most common exercises you could engage in no matter the gender is jogging, jogging is a good exercise for both the males and female. Although in my country Nigeria. Only few female jog they feel It's a male exercise but they can't be blamed. Jogging helps makes one fit and agile

Ever since I started living a healthy lifestyle where all forms of alcoholic content intake as been cut off from My life, I have been feeling great and more comfortable with my self and I feel even more younger and more convenient about my body. The weight loss am trying to achieve might not have been met but I feel more agile and I could do more.

My lifestyle changing decision came from me deciding that it's time for a change. I changed my look and even what I eat and what I wear. People are noticing and complementing, it's only gives me more more drive to do more. I engage in footballing activities even more now, as every evening from 5pm to 7pm am always at the field to get some action to keep fit.

So to every one out their, thinking that they don't need to exercise, let me be thee first to break it to you, you need to exercise to keep your muscles and bones even stronger and to be more healthier. So let's all live am healthy lifestyle.

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