Erling Haaland : Making The Case For Manchester United's Missed Opportunity

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Borrusia Dortmund's striker Erling Haaland , 19 has become the first teenager to score 10 goals in a single champions league season and it's currently getting better for the Norwegian born attacker to the pain and regret of Manchester United fans worldwide, in truth these people have got every reason to be angry because since Alex Ferguson left the club, Marcus Rashford has been the Only stand out player I've seen played in a United jersey. United don't look like they'll be winning the league anytime soon and they don't look like they're getting it right in terms of signing players or having the most spectacular of game days anytime they face their opponents. In truth Haaland might have been that breakout star since Robin Van Persie and Christiano Ronaldo but Ed Woodward and the United board refused to make the deal a possibility.

In truth, Haaland has done well, but I have actually watched a whole lot of his goals scored in the bundesliga as well as the champions League but I haven't really seen anything spectacular from the young man and most of the goals he scores are simple tap ins or a tee up from a counter attacking position. another thing is that he has got some of the best wingers around him in borussia Dortmund and I am currently thinking United does not have this kind of material to actually make Haaland function properly should he have signed for Manchester United. Take a look at Thorgan Hazard and Jaden Sancho, they are responsible for most of the goals he has scored and no doubt these two are very quality players when they are played alongside Haaland.

In all honesty Chelsea have missed out on signing great outcomes like Sergio Aguero who later signed for Manchester City rather than Chelsea, but what is the particular certainty that these players would have the same results and the same achievements should they have played in a particularly different club? I would have put my money on Sergio Aguero doing almost equally well at Chelsea rather than Haaland doing quite better at Manchester United because when you compare these two similar situations, you will see that there is a difference in almost everything. Players like Kelechi Iheanacho who once played at Manchester City could have been a better and refined player should he had played for Portuguese Outfit Sporting Lisbon rather than The Etihad giants but his development halted as a result of that selfish move.

Haaland for me can still play for Manchester United and I believe he wouldn't really play all his career at borussia Dortmund like the Danielle Rossi's of this world because at one time he will want to play at the biggest level of football and that is when clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona will come calling but that is if he has transcend into a much more better and refined player. For a player to actually grow they will need a club where they are less pressured to actually perform and that is why I feel Anthony Martial going to Manchester United from Paris St Germain as a 19 year-old halted his development and he is currently not more than average player in the present. United should be happy that they really didn't sign him because there isn't enough material to bring out the best in him at Manchester United currently. Look at Tammy Abraham and Haaland for example, they're both good finishers and almost at the same age range and Abraham will score even more in a Dortmund team. Haaland can still play for Manchester United but now he needs to undergo that developmental face because I currently do not see him as a phenomenal striker.

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Let's assume that Man utd we're l able to sign him, he would have made man utd a better team with his usual goalscoring ability.

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That's what everyone thinks, but he's got more quality around him in Dortmund and he's not under pressure

With the likes of Sancho, Hakimi, Hazard, Witsel etc i think he isn't under any pressure.