My UFC and Boxing picks for tonight

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MMA record keeping started on: Mar 2, 2019
Total units risked so far (always flat 1 unit): 23
Total units won or loss so far: -2.196 units
Current record and negative ROI: (14-9), -9.55%

My quest to break even continues...

Lots of fights tonight but I only like the main events:


Manny Pacquiao (1.70) vs Keith Thurman (2.32)

Thurman is undefeated but that's not why I'm picking him. Pacquioa is 40 years old and eventually time catches up with everyone. Even the great Manny Pacquiao.

My prediction is Keith Thurman.


Rafael Dos Anjos (2.05) vs Leon Edwards (1.87)

Both have good standup and underrated wrestling but I think Edwards is slightly better on the feet. I think this fight will be close. Five rounds probably. A split decision wouldn't surprise me here.

My prediction is Leon Edwards.

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Both fights starts in about 3 hours or so.