Gamification of sports

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Wait...WAIT please...before you give me to much shit let me explain.

I am well aware that this app can hardly seen as sport.

But when it was first released it make me go for a lot of many walks.

There was quite the hype around the game and with that of course a lot of shit talk.

"So sad that they only watch their phones"

Well many of those who played would not even be outside so that is quite a step forward.

I have met more girls than with tinder, I was constantly outside walking around and with this lost a lot of weight and got a lot of color as the weather was beautiful.

To be fair I would have been outside mostly anyway but more sitting near the Rhein drinking beer with my friends.

And all this without being a Pokemon fan. I had no idea how most of those little fuckers were called and I did not really care all I knew was that I need to catch them all and it brought healthy changes with it.

Wikipedia defines gamification as the following

"Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.[1][2] It can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements. Gamification commonly employs game design elements[1][3][4][5][2] to improve user engagement,[6][7][8] organizational productivity,[9] flow,[10][11] learning,[12][13] crowdsourcing,[14] employee recruitment and evaluation, ease of use, usefulness of systems,[11][15][16] physical exercise,[17] traffic violations,[18] voter apathy,[19] and more. A collection of research on gamification shows that a majority of studies on gamification find it has positive effects on individuals.[4] However, individual and contextual differences exist.[20] "


With the example of the impact of Pokemon go on me it totally worked. While it was not even my goal to do any of that the game pushed me into it and I dont have a lot of bad stuff to say about the game as it like I said before only affected me positively.

There are multiple sports apps who integrate gamification, with leaderboards, points and tokens. Some even make your avatar level up.

But the ones I tested did not work as well as Pokemon go.

Why is that?

Here I just have to guess.

  • Pokemon Go was more game than the others and except the menu screens you were emerged in the real world with the game.

  • The hype and competition with your friends

  • The collecting and and to level up your pokemons worked a bit for the same reasons why games like WOW work so well. The feeling of accomplishment. While with most games you only have it because you found item x or reached level y, with Pokemon Go I also felt good because I moved so much.

I am fascinated by gamification and I hope there is a lot more to come not only for sports but also learning etc.

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Last year my gf and I walked a lot because of pokemon go, but I haven't played it for almost a year because I have to use another phone to play it (my main phone is rooted bc it's a chinese one) and that is a bit weird to use 2 phones haha.

The only solution: I need a nee phone xD

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or you go full retard

Good idea xD

We have a small brewery nearby with 2 stops and 1 arena, I could sit there with 10 phones while drinking beer, seems perfect xD

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sounds perfect


or you go full retard

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My kid was disappointed today because he lost a 7 day streak at a gym.

What if I could leave tokens at the " gym" for players?
You could find crypto like Pokemon!
I would walk all over for that!

Restday :-)

that would be pretty good...but you need to push weight to find them. Would be useless if you have people on their phones walking around in the gym...except it is your gym....

You can always use drones XD

dame....that is very lazy but genius

I about choked on my gin when you called them little fuckers! lol

I hope it was a cheap one :-)

This is what I want to do on my future articles, I barely saw e-sports articles here. Gaming is a sports too and its a competition of techniques and minds nice one there well written

I agree. Made a post about it under my main account @flipstar if you are interested

cool i'll do that :) thanks too for following my articles dude

I was the same with that Google one, Ingress. It made me walk all over the place!!! I think it was quite far ahead of its time. Gamification is hugely important in all manner of things. It's funny but it really does make you feel chuffed asked hair when you unlock an achievement and the like!

yes for sure. This simple pop up can be very satisfying...maybe humans just function better with apps

They do in a way!! I love em

my answer apperatnly is gone...

Yes this little pop up can be very satisfying maybe we humans work better with apps

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