Sepak Takraw: Let's turn up the heat!

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Sometimes I get bored with sports. Other times, there is just no way to not get excited.
Take Sepak Takraw for example.


Sepak takraw is a spectacular acrobatic sport originating in Southeast Asia. Sepak means ‘kick’ in Malay, and takraw is the Thai word for the woven ball used to play. Picture a match of kick-volleyball played on a badminton court in which competitors volley a ball over a net, using any body part except for their arms and hands.

So it is basically volleyball without hands. Pretty bad ass!!
Check it out! That is some exciting stuff.

So many bicycle kicks!!! This seems like something I can get behind.

Is anyone familiar with this sport? I would love to hear more.
It looks like the Thai men and womens teams both took the win for the 2019 championship.
Cool stuff.

Is this the coolest sport? Let me know...
and as always....

Keep Being Cool Sportsfans!!!


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This is one of the sports in the SEA games. I have seen the Thai ladies quite fierce at this. Actually, you can get the balls from Amazon.

I think I'll stick to the mellower hackey sack/ shuttle cock version...Otherwise I might kill myself. :)

What I've been doing last few years is something I never heard of before that: pickleball. If you have not heard about that, that could be your next topic. :-)

Oh shit, thanks for the tip!

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You're welcome.

Yea I live in Malaysia so quite familiar with this sport. In fact I just drove past a friendly match in my "taman" hood.. Also relatively popular is using the feet to play Hacky sack with a badminton shuttle cock. But, by far the most popular sport among locals is futsal, think indoor soccer but on a hard surface. It's intense and like takraw requires some serious agility and lightning fast reflexes...

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Yea the ability of some of these players is astounding. My kids play futsol! We have a court down the street.

Thanks for the reply :)

Oh wow that's great the sport is spreading!

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I wasn't familiar with this sport or it may because I have no interest in this field.

Do you have an interest in only upvoting yourself?
That's what it seems to me.

Yeah, you can say! I hardly receive a vote from someone since my joining of this platform. All votes came from the dApps. I invested money to power myself up so I won't look at others.

I can vote other people as well but first I have to recover my all investment. Sorry, it's weird but I have no option other than that. I will try to avoid this thing.

My rule for myself is this....
If I comment on a post... I upvote that post. Even if my comment is negative.
It doesn't cost you to upvote...You aren't losing money.

Yeah right! I am not losing at all even I am earning from it little by little daily. I just started using 5 tribes.

I understand :) and that is what we are all trying to do.
But when you comment on a post and only upvote your own comment.....

Doesn't seem cool.

Yessssssss!! I agreed..

Yay! Friends!

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This is a crazy sport, crazy in a good way lol. Very impressive game and athletes.