Clippers sign 2 superstars!!

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Before we talk about the clippers let’s get this out there.

State your teams so there's no confusion next year:

NFL: Utah Jazz
NBA: Utah Jazz
MLB: Utah Jazz
NHL: Utah Jazz
NCAAF: Utah Jazz
NCAAB: Utah Jazz

That being said. The next team I’ll be cheering for is the clippers. I DONT WANT THE LAKERS TO WIN!

Those trades and signings that happened today threw me for a loop. Especially the PG trade. The raptors should have given up siakam for him.

I think the clippers are the team to beat next year.

What do you all think?

Go Jazz.

I know there are a few sports card traders out there. I want to learn the secret sauce on how to buy cards cheap. Let me know any tricks you have.

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Let me get this straight... you’re not a Jazz fan?

You got it. 👍🏼

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I actually don't watch much sports. I have started watching some bare knuckle boxing recently but I mainly stick to watching MMA.

#spt #battle #sct #palnet

My friend, I wrote you a message on discord.

Thanks I just replied with a better address.

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