Why I Say Mo Farrah Is Guilty

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Mo Farrah is the Lance Armstrong of athletics. Lance never failed a drugs test and was only outed by fellow competitors forcing him to finally admit.

Mo Farrah said categorically he has never done anything to gain advantage by using substances. He obviously forgot about this one right before the race started. He backtracked moments later as he realised the authorities had evidence and he had answered as we all expected.


Sebastien Coe the head of the IAAF presenting Mo with his Gold medal. One in 200 get Glandular fever and Seb had it 12 times. This is a side effect of blood doping so unless he was very unlucky it also tells us something about him.

The truth has to come out sooner or later and I am happy that the anti doping authorities have one more year now the Olympics have been postponed until 2021. I bet you the athletes aren't quite so happy as whoever is on a doping schedule has to kick start it all over again. Mo Farrah is on a deadline not only with his age, but with the various authorities piecing all the information together.


The guilty party blaming the media for a race campaign against him. Was there a race campaign against Usain Bolt? No as there was no evidence of wrong doing so none was required. Mo is tainted most definitely and it is up to the authorities to apply the pressure on the UKAD to hand over blood samples.

The only reason he is being protected is the millions of Dollars provided by Nike for sponsorships. The UKAD receives this money and is their cash cow and will be reluctant to lose this money. Little do they realise that all credibility in athletics has already gone and support has dwindled.

Paula Radcliffe was someone who was so staunch against any form of doping. I recall her breaking down after a race saying how unfair athletics is with others using EPO. Amazing since she retired that she is on Mo's bandwagon defending him. Obviously having her husband as his coach has nothing to do with it.


UKAD has asked for evidence first before handing over the blood and urine samples. This goes against everything that is wrong with sport today as if there is nothing to hide why not hand them over?


Zoom in it is worth the look at how this has unfolded. I don't need any more proof as this is damning enough for me.

Russel Bentley kinds of put what we know into perspective. In 2008 he was in Kenya watching the Kenyan athletes qualifying for their running team. Every Tuesday at Kamariny Stadium over 200 athletes run around a dirt track knowing that there are only 3 spots up for grabs. The Kenyans have been at the top of the middle and long distance track events for years and now you know why.
Most likely a majority of the 200 athletes would make it onto the world stage in other countries if they weren't Kenyan. Russel was there to monitor one runner who stuck out like a sore thumb Mo Farrah. Farrah ran in two heats both having 10 Kenyans plus Mo and Mo finished last in all of his heats not by a little, but by some way. No one took any notice of Mo as he was not a serious athlete as he didn't have what it takes. He was applauded for not giving up which normally happens to losers out of their depth.

Jump ahead two more years and suddenly after joining Salzar he is now better than all those athletes.This is impossible that a training program could transform an athlete instantly. Yes you possibly could have improvements, but not instant success the way he has had. This has made a mockery of athletics and he needs to be proven guilt by hard evidence.

Mo missed two dope tests in his career with the last one when he was with Salazar. The tester rang his doorbell for 1 hour and he never answered even though he was at home. The excuse was he was sleeping and never heard the bell.

Testing means absolutely nothing as a program to prove this was done at Harvard a few years ago. Over 200 athletes provided samples with a positive result of less that 1% knowing full well that 29 were on steroids. This was done to prove how inadequate the testing was and it showed how easy it is to fool the current testing procedures.

I don't need the blood or urine samples to tell me he is guilty and this is all I need. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see what and how he has done this as he never had the talent in the first place and was always back of the pack. His career is a total sham and I hope everyone can see who he is for what he really is. He has made millions of Pounds fooling everyone and was even Knighted for his efforts which is just a joke. The British public love winners and I feel sorry for whoevers spot he has taken on the team as that is the biggest injustice I can see and sorry will not cut it.

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