UFC 249 is going to be exciting

in sportstalk •  3 months ago 


As a big Khabib fan, I can't wait for UFC 249 where he takes on the trash talking Tony Ferguson. There really can't be two more different fighters in terms of mentality.

Their records speak for themselves with Khabib having a perfect one and Tony Ferguson only having 3 losses and none in his recent ones.

The Ferguson camp has been trash talking as they usually do and I think they are not showing enough respect to Khabib's ground game.

But in the end, I see Khabib getting a tap out and take the win. One area of concern is Ferguson's impressive reach.

Either way, as long the corona virus doesn't derail the match we're in store for a treat

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I think the reach is going to be a problem for Khabib. I see him losing this one.