Kid Lock Molly Whops Houston! Nickname weekend for Denver.

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Really enjoyed that and watched the whole stream. Can't wait for 2020!

Thanks for checking it out!

Haha that intro. You KNOW the Bronx won when you start like that.

I always seem to miss the live stream which sucks. Could you put a little reminder post or do you have a specific time every week?

It is nice to finally see a prospect, especially a QB when you are in Denver, show up and play well. Getting the win is a bonus and a long time coming.

It was a good week for you and I. Curious to see the spread against KC.

If was a fun game to watch for sure, I hope to see a LOT more of Lock playing that way.

Crazy that Houston schooled the Pats then came to Denver and got schooled even worse themselves.

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That’s why they play the games! Any given Sunday.

Great game. I do think Elway takes a beating in the press. I am a long time Elway fan. Love him when we win and hate him when we lose. Drew Lock awesome yesterday.

Finally a few things start No to go right for us.

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