Gut Shot For Broncos. **Von Miller Out for 2020"

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Wow that is huge news. 2020 just keeps taking away!

I have only known you the past few years and it sure has been some tough sledding. I never really got amped up for the season as much until I tagged along with your blockchain posts so many damn moons ago. Never saw you like this before.

If you think of it, they were against the odds of bringing it all home this year anyhow. Sure it takes the right pieces falling into the right places but they really have to settle in, meld to work perfectly with each other, and bake a little for the big prize.

What happens if someone steps up huge and becomes something super special while the pressure/expectations ease off a little? Having hardcore development time for a backup qb as a starter can be a gift and potentially make you as excited about a solid backup when he is back.

Being a lifetime fan, this is gonna hit you hardest now, lower your expectations a little, and enjoy the shit out of the pleasant surprises this year. They often push the return date out considerably so that the press are not asking about a return too soon so here’s hoping the end of the season has more excitement for you than you can imagine at this point.

I would invite you to root for the Vikings but that may be some tough sledding too ;)

Tough sledding is what Vikings fans are used to! lol, I should know! My good buddy from Montrose, CO (we call him Denver Dan regardless), is a huge Broncos fan...after he watched the Minneapolis Miracle game with me at a local establishment, he said in that moment, that he became a Vikings fan. He'll still root for the Broncos to beat the Vikes, but other than that, he's all purple and gold.

You can do it too @broncnutz.

PS, probs won't make you feel any better, but we are without Danielle Hunter for 3-4 weeks minimum, so we semi feel your pain.

We can cry in our !BEER together.

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Great news

I miss you bro. Good to see you again. I was off for some few days. I always love to hear your thoughts on sport issues. Good one here 👍