Broncos beat Patroits with Only 6 FG????

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Hey there Mr. Nutz! Have not stopped by in a while. Just wanted to check in and let you know the latest with me. I'm still in Thailand. No virus here, no drama, life is good. Just got back from a five dollar hour massage. I'm in one of the best value places I know in the world. Chaing Mai Thailand. Small city in the north. Living like a king on about 1,000 dollars a month. Sad note my girl and I broke up after a year, but now I'm free to fuck my brains out and I suddenly have half a dozen girls, can't keep track almost too much! hahah So life is still good. Hope you are doing well too.... Also on the investments stuff, I was able to side step the big decline in gold and silver, and I'm now buying the dips until I accumulate a full position again. I suspect 2021 to be a very good year for the metals.

Hey! Good to hear from you brother!!! Metals should be getting heated up very soon, don't get shut out.



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