Asuka, A legend and Icon of Awesome Women's Wrestling!

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I like Women's Wrestling and am not ashamed to admit it. Yes I get that it is having to be classified as "sports entertainment", but the flips and moves are no joke. It takes years of training and probably zero fear of acting like a full time cos-player to make it in that business.

(Don't let the Cuteness fool you, she is an Alpha!.... Asuka Twitter)

Right now though I'm wanting to give a shout out to a personal Wrestling heroine of mine... Asuka (アスカ). She is not new to the game at all and started out as a Pro in Japan. What I LOVE about her is her Swagger!
She blends in incredible athleticism, pageantry, charisma and her one of a kind swagger in a seamless blend into WWE from NEO Japanese Women's Wrestling. "The Miz" can blame his first MMC loss on Asuka but I say to that, "You go on with your bad self and forget about the theatrical blame game !" She simply has that "It" factor wrapped around her little finger and has captured lightning in a bottle...sorry Miz.

(The EMPRESS has arrived! RAW Debut/ Youtube/WWE)

Her achievements are very impressive and she has the resume to back up her bravado. Here are just a few of Asuka's many milestones... She was WWE's Female Competitor of the Year back to back in 2016 and 2017. Asuka became the first Japanese wrestler to top PWI's Female Top 50 list in 2017. Before coming to America she was a force to be reckoned with in both WP Joshi Puroresu and Reina Joshi Puroresu, just to name a few of her ventures. Being the Renaissance Lady that she is, she also is a graphic designer and rather heavily involved in gaming. :) I plan on doing some in depth follow ups on matches and such but a nice intro for this badass woman was well deserved!

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I've been surprised to see Japanese Wrestling on TV here in the States. It seems like it's regularly on now. It's interesting how it's different than American Wrestling. Like the matches take 30 minutes and there's literally commercial breaks in the middle of fights. Lol. Wild stuff. Very entertaining.

It's just entertaining and fun for some of us and I think Asuka is my fave...I like Becky Lynch too

I can certainly understand that Wrestlers are top condition athletes far far more than entertainers constantly training, practicing and talent to perform at any high level. Adding a flare and Style is a freaking bonus! The girls you've blogged so far are fascinating!

gonna drop you some a** in where you are now a super pirate!

As far as my study of Kenjutsu, I tend to practice the Contemplative Zen style Katori Shinto ryu. Plenty of quiet introspective meditation as honorable samurai come to terms with SLAYING AN OPPONENT in a quick, humane, and painless as possible...with style.
"There is life and there is death, in between is honor."

I have to admit I always imagine it is you, one of these strong ladies! Your content is always kind of "special" and fun to read! Well done @battleaxe

Thank you , means a lot coming from you. I am super happy you have fun with it, that's kinda half the point. ;)

Always welcome, you have your personal style and I personally love it

I appreciate it, if you made it to 74 rep you know that it ain't easy but then again what is?

Haha, nice one - you always surprise and entertain me lady! Keep on rocking!

here this will help you get to my rep above 70 ;)