Most times, we hear the phrase "Practice makes perfect". Is it true in sports?

As an educator, we believe that when a student keep practicing things such as reading aloud, he because fluent in reading. If he keeps practicing and trying his hands in Mathematics , he gets improved performance in it.

But in sport, does practice make perfect? For the fact that an athlete or a team has trained and practiced well, does it assure the fans that such athlete or team must win? Not necessarily.

I found out from a research that practice makes for only 18% of the athletes performance. The other 82% is based on other factors such as:

  1. Genetic- - This relate to the athletes muscles and the amount of oxygen that is carried by his blood.

  2. Psychology-- This has connection to do with the athletes confidence and his anxiety during performance or even before performance.

  3. Athletes intelligence and his working memory.

Really, one can not say that practice alone makes perfect or determines 100% of someone's performance in anything. Not only in sports. It only makes you do better than what you are doing currently. Only when combined together with other factors above or more, can practice make for perfection.

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