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RE: A Phoenix Called Solskjaer | Spurs and Derby Reaction.

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Nice read :)

I'm a red as well and hoping the team is slowly turning the corner. Still think we need a centreback and a commanding center midfielder - Fred is mostly awful!


Thanks.. Nice to meet another Red on here. I totally agree with you on the CB signing because Lindeloff is extremely weak on challenges especially in the air.

Midfield is also our most niglected area but I just don't agree on Fred. For Fred his partner in midfield matters the most. Put him next to Matic the sloth or Perreira a headless chicken and you get a poor Fred. Put him next to McTominay a combative midfielder with legs and you get the 9/10 Fred who has torn it up against Spurs and City.

Agreed regarding Lindeloff, he's got a mistake in him every game too.

I'm not even sure Fred is a centre mid, I don't know where I'd play him. If he's a better player when a kid with 0 caps is playing, something isn't right!

Let's hope for a decent performance today, Everton have been poor but have also been a bit better of late.

I think we forgot to mention one more horrendous player, Luke Shaw. Wan bissaka is fantastic on the right purely as a defender but offers little going forward but Shaw offers nothing at all.

What we have seen today is how much we miss a creative spark in midfield be it Pogba or a Madison who makes those incisive passes.

Pogba might be back for Watford so lets wait and see.