Skiing & my No Love, Just Hate relationship with it

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Originally meant to be a comment under @tarazkp's post "A brief lesson on skis" (but ended up so long I had to turn it into a post). Plus I didn't want to push negativity under a post with pics of his cute little bundle of joy.

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So, uh... skiing.

(Boy, how I despise it).

My first seven years of school I studied in a school where they didn't ski. I then changed schools because of bullying. The school I then went to had sports in general as a very popular / important thing (I really suck at sports), and skiing was something compulsory for the whole winter starting from the first day of snow.

The first day I tried skiing I fell about seven times, I couldn't get up a while and I reached the park we were supposed to skii at from the school in the end of the P.E. lesson. (I took the skis off and walked back to school). After that one lesson my left knee was quite effed up - it was all blue and red and green and I did 't feel the knee for at least half a year!

Another compulsory thing in that school was an annual skiing marathon. 20 kilometers. And if you were in the first to fourth grade or sucked at it, 7 kilometers. (Jesus Christ, I can't even skii 500 meters, you want me to go 20km, or 7km and be ashamed of not skiing 20).

I got a 1 for the marathon and had to ski after school in the park to fix my grade (grading system is numbers 1 to 5, where 5 is the best grade, 1 is the worst and unacceptable). And while trying to fix my grade, falling a couple of times and seeing my teacher ski past me for at least five times (we were skiing in laps), I got greeted with an insult I haven't forgotten nor forgiven since.

You can stop skiing. It's pointless, you'd probably be skiing til the middle of the night, if not the next morning to fill the quote. You are a cow on slippery ice.

Words from the mouth of my P.E. teacher.

We have a saying "like a cow on slippery ice" but she dropped the "like" part.

In a second I felt warmness fill me inside, and it wasn't the pleasant kind of warmth. I was furious. one

I took off the skis, walked back up to the school and got a "Okay, now I understand on what level (how weak) you are in P.E. and I'll consider that when grading you. I'll fix your marathon grade to 3."

And never an apology.


Haha, that PE teacher was a total cunt!

But I am 100% with you on skiing, I fucking hate it! And I have a similar story to compliment yours. I cant remeber which grade was it in, 6th or 7th or something, there was a ski competition and I got the understanding it was mandatory for all. ME, who had never managed to stand up on skis, but oh well, I showed up without any skill or knowledge. Turned out, my also a cunt teacher had fucking lied. The competition wasnt mandatory, only the pros and crazy ski enthusiasts had shown up. Anyhoo, I jumped on my skis, and despite the track being a short one, I fucking lost one ski and broke other halfway and threw those fuckers into the bushes and never showed up for any ski competition ever again as a participant. The next day at school there was the scoreboard and of fucking course I was at the last place :) The least they could have done was leave my fucking name out of it totally. But that moment I realized that no-one really cared about anyone else than themselves, no-one even saw my place. fuckers! :)

Oh and nice pun and bait in the psot ;)

I mean it's great nobody started to make fun of anyone for being last, right? But still quite a dick move by the teach.

One year I went on the 7km track on the marathon and I freaking somersaulted down a hill and lost a ski for a while. Luckily I found it not long after, else I'd have to pay a fine (rented the skis at the marathon ski rental). I'm glad my parents didn't spend money on a new pair of my own skis to, so I skid mainly using the school's used broken skis.

I am guessing you ski all the time now?

I loved PE classes - everything except cross-country running. I could kick and throw a ball, hit things with all kinds of sticks and sprint pretty darn fast - but distance running killed me. In Australia though, sports are taken very seriously, but not in a way that kills the drive to play in children. In my experience anyway. For me the teacher-provided humiliation and pain came from a few of them being racists :)

Hahaha, I absolutely don't! :D
I liked P.E. only when we would be playing football (soccer), floor hockey, discgolf or swimming. I'm generally bad at running (idk how to breathe correctly when running and end up in pain). In fact, swimming is the only sports I'm good at - I went to swimming training for 5 years (I hated it but I got good at it), then I switched for acting lessons for 2-3 years.

Geez what an asshole! Some teachers and some humans just are like that. I've encountered few of that kind too. Most in school surroundings. There are number of ways to make a persons life horrible and school surroundings is by far the most common and the worst place.

And then there are those teachers pets and those who had tons of friends who come and say: "I had the best time at school and everyone and everything was great and perfect!" Some even may add: "It must have been your attitude that made people treat you differently." Which always amazes me how stupid people can be. How they do not realize that the world just does not treat people the same. We are supposed to be equal but we aren't. Because of assholes that have more power or authority or prestige and use it badly. Decide that because of something they dislike, that person there does not deserve a chance. Or their nice attitude.


Got that out of my system.

I hate skiing too. Similar humiliating experiences. "Lost" my one ski to the woods when I was 10 years old and never again skied. My skis always mysteriously broke, got lost or I just "forgot" them home.

Usually though liked PE classes. Almost in everything else I was good or mediocre. Except always got chosen last to any teams because people thought that I sucked. Because they hated me. Or the most popular ones at least did. And if I didn't suck, they thought it was an exception. But when I did screw up with something, not catching the ball or something else that is perfectly natural to anyone, failing from time to time, they remembered that always. So I sucked in their minds. I did though always have the grade 8, 9 or 10 in PE. (4 being the worst and 10 being the best.) And it was not a pity number given by the teacher. 10 was sometimes hard to get, but I got if few times as there thankfully was other things to do at winter when I was a teenager, than just skiing. Loved ice skating.

But geez what an asshole your teacher really was!

Lol! Your comment was so long @tts actually thought it was a post and made a TTS out of it!

Yeah, it's weird how at one point classes in school could be divided into groups - mainly the popular jocks and the quiet innocent kids (nerds). The jocks were all on about sports and drinking at someone's place on weekends (and probably desperately trying to hook up with eachother) while the silent kids.. were just eh silent and put their time and thoughts into studying and didn't drink or do anything wild.

Some of the jocks also put effort into studying, so they became teachers pets really easilly even outside of P.E class.

And I was kind of inbetween. Bad at sports, not interested in sports, not too into studying hard, got okay grades, wanted to hang out with all kinds of people but wasn't accepted by the jocks, had just 2-3 friends from the silent folk (not that I'm not grateful for them but just the punk in me wanted to do something fun and crazy from time to time and they weren't the kind of people who would).

Plus I was bullied (verbally / mentally) at my first school by kids older than me, then changed schools after yr 7 and was bullied by younger kids (wtf?) until I got fed up with everyone and everything in that town and moved to capital city when I was 17. (Took my last year in an adults high school with no pause inbetween, no bullying there because most of the students were adults just trying to get their high school graduated).

Nowadays if I stumble upon someone's profile I knew from that town or school on any social media or see them somewhere in person, I just cringe and don't want anything to do with them.

I always read @tts as tits which might not be that peculiar, several people may also read it like that or see that happen easy. But keeping that in mind, my next comment might be a bit funny.


At least in my mind it is. :) Anyway, back to the subject.

You comment is like words from my mouth! I always thought too that I didn't fit to any group. I wanted to do little bit of everything (with few exceptions) and not concentrate on things most teenagers thought was important. Studying wasn't my number one priority but then again I wasn't a juvenile criminal either. I was mad at shitty scumbag people but didn't rebel that much. Only a little.

I am so glad that I am an adult now and I never have to be anywhere where crappy people are or do stuff that I don't want to. Well, again with few exceptions, I do have to go to work and stuff, but that's the work that I chose, not what someone else chose for me.

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