No rallies for me until September

in sport •  2 months ago 

Hi, friends!

For every sportsman it is hard to accept that there won't be some outings in next weeks but there are much worse things in life. At the moment we must survive this coronavirus and all other things will come after that.

I was sidelined for some years because of my health issues so I must be patient until this will be finished.

From the end of September 2019 until early March 2020 I drove four races and three rallies with five outings finished and twice finished in a ditch.

Head is still on my shoulders and that's the most important thing on the Earth.

So, this week came some news from our national motorsport federation that there won't be rallies until early September and it would be in our neighborhood country because we have some rallies together in the championship.

And of course, this will be if everything will be ok about coronavirus.

Keep your fingers crossed for me/us...


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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!


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