One day in Splinterlands

in spliterlands •  7 months ago 

full house 2.png

It's been a long fought battle this season. On more then one occasion I found myself only two or three points shy of achieving Silver one only to slip back down in a series of losses. Each one a blow to my upward progress.

Yet....I progressed and fought and learned from those losses. and finally...

I reached SILVER ONE!!!!! A new high level for me. With two days left of the season, I may fall back down into the lower silvers, and if I do so be it. That will just give me more room to run back up the gauntlet.

Maybe I can make a run for Gold next time around.

Full House

full house 1.png

I thought this was an interesting pull. I took a chance and bought a Essence or (Wings of change collection) for the first time. (2000 DEC) I was hoping for some variety, instead I received three Molten Oges and two Silversheld Bard. Not all that bad really. I thought it was funny enough to share here.

New Cards


I am adding more Alfa cards to my deck. I want to earn more DEC during each battle. Plus so of these Alfa cards just look good. I pick up these two earlier today and plan on checking out the market for more later on.

I should be careful though. It if far to easy to transfer Steem over and spend it like Monopoly money. :-)

Well that is all I have for today. A simple post to share my #splinterland progress and adventures. I am off to write more and open a few decks.


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