# Noxious Fumes is back, and I made the top 100 - Splinter Stats Season 43 Report Card

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Match Report


Champion Rank90
Rating4448 - Champion II
Rating High4448
Total Rating Movements (+-)5586
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.12 (136/121/1)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.89 (17/19/1)
Longest Streak8
Highest Rated Win vs@tailcock (4685)

I'm trying to remember to actually field teams in the tournaments I enter. Forgetting used to just cost me 10 DEC. Now I have to look at that ratio, too.

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Scarred Llama Mage7225.62%62.50%
Alric Stormbringer5118.15%52.94%
Tyrus Paladium3813.52%47.37%
Lyanna Natura3412.10%29.41%
Archmage Arius248.54%62.50%
Prince Julian207.12%45.00%
Qid Yuff196.76%31.58%
Malric Inferno155.34%60.00%
Selenia Sky31.07%66.67%
Zintar Mortalis20.71%50.00%

Archy Arius and LLama mage have the same win rate; but I used the Llama three times as often.
@kiokizz is loaning me a Qid Yuff, seems I'll need a little more practice with him; PJ not looking fantastic either.
Overall pretty happy with this.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Furious Chicken11340.21%49.56%
Failed Summoner5720.28%52.63%
Gelatinous Cube4214.95%52.38%
Spirit of the Forest3010.68%66.67%
Mitica Headhunter2910.32%55.17%
Creeping Ooze2910.32%65.52%
Flesh Golem269.25%53.85%
Screeching Vulture258.90%52.00%
Orc Sergeant248.54%58.33%
Dwarven Wizard238.19%52.17%
Spirit Miner227.83%45.45%
Earth Elemental227.83%40.91%
Crustacean King217.47%61.90%
Wood Nymph217.47%66.67%
Minotaur Warlord207.12%55.00%
Nectar Queen207.12%45.00%
Swamp Thing186.41%50.00%
Elemental Phoenix186.41%55.56%
Dragon Jumper186.41%33.33%
Flame Imp186.41%38.89%
Naga Windmaster186.41%44.44%
Lord Arianthus186.41%66.67%
Ruler of the Seas186.41%61.11%
Mushroom Seer165.69%50.00%
Ice Pixie165.69%50.00%
Prismatic Energy165.69%31.25%
Sacred Unicorn155.34%53.33%
Goblin Sorcerer155.34%60.00%
Gold Dragon144.98%71.43%
Sea Monster144.98%28.57%
Warrior of Peace144.98%28.57%
Giant Roc144.98%35.71%
Pirate Captain144.98%50.00%
Silvershield Knight144.98%50.00%
Sand Worm144.98%57.14%
Crystal Jaguar134.63%46.15%
Goblin Chef134.63%76.92%
Flame Monkey124.27%41.67%
Serpentine Soldier124.27%50.00%
Magi of the Forest124.27%25.00%
Lightning Dragon113.91%45.45%
Divine Healer113.91%63.64%
Exploding Dwarf113.91%54.55%
Spineback Turtle113.91%63.64%
The Kraken113.91%63.64%
High Priest Darius113.91%45.45%
Goblin Mech113.91%36.36%
Parasitic Growth103.56%50.00%
Black Dragon103.56%40.00%
Fire Demon103.56%50.00%
Enchanted Defender103.56%60.00%
Molten Ogre103.56%50.00%
Silvershield Sheriff103.56%40.00%
Sea Genie103.56%60.00%
Red Dragon93.20%77.78%
Javelin Thrower93.20%66.67%
Ant Miners93.20%33.33%
Stonesplitter Orc93.20%66.67%
Scale Doctor82.85%37.50%
Khmer Princess82.85%75.00%
Silvershield Bard82.85%62.50%
Phantom of the Abyss82.85%62.50%
War Chaang72.49%42.86%
Silvershield Assassin72.49%71.43%
Lone Boatman72.49%42.86%
Luminous Eagle72.49%42.86%
Goblin Shaman72.49%57.14%
Ettin Spearman62.14%50.00%
Beetle Queen62.14%50.00%
Torhilo the Frozen62.14%16.67%
Defender of Truth62.14%50.00%
Spirit Shaman62.14%33.33%
Feral Spirit62.14%83.33%
Azmare Harpoonist62.14%16.67%
Electric Eels62.14%16.67%
Frost Giant62.14%66.67%
The Vigilator62.14%66.67%
Serpent of the Flame62.14%50.00%
Naga Fire Wizard51.78%60.00%
Pit Ogre51.78%100.00%
Frozen Soldier51.78%40.00%
Naga Warrior51.78%80.00%
Mischievous Mermaid51.78%60.00%
Enchanted Pixie51.78%60.00%
Angel of Light41.42%75.00%
Lord of Fire41.42%50.00%
Sniping Narwhal41.42%25.00%
Kobold Miner41.42%75.00%
Crystal Werewolf31.07%33.33%
Stone Golem31.07%66.67%

Worst performing card with at least 20 uses was Earth elemental. He's my go-to when I have a 3 mana gap in an earth team, and don't know what to use. Guessing that's the game telling me I need a clearer vision/strategy for each match.
Prismatic Energy is the same. I tend to throw it in because I have a heap of mana left over.
Spirit of the Forest doing well.
I noticed I've been doing better in Lost legendaries. Assuming that meant I wasn't using my own legendaries enough when available; so I'm trying to find more opportunities to use them.
I rarely go snipe-heavy in Earth, and I don't want to spread my attacks too thin. Might have to pick up a Child of the forest so SOTF has a snipe buddy to team up with.

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Heavy Hitters2835.71%
Healed Out2853.57%
Keep Your Distance2166.67%
Close Range2157.14%
Noxious Fumes2075.00%
Taking Sides1952.63%
Reverse Speed1926.32%
Broken Arrows1861.11%
Target Practice1838.89%
Fog of War1764.71%
Aim True1758.82%
Weak Magic1662.50%
Armored Up1637.50%
Back to Basics1540.00%
Up Close & Personal1553.33%
Super Sneak1573.33%
Equal Opportunity1457.14%
Lost Magic1435.71%
Even Stevens1369.23%
Odd Ones Out1258.33%
Little League1250.00%
Silenced Summoners1118.18%
Rise of the Commons1060.00%
Melee Mayhem922.22%
Lost Legendaries966.67%

I so desperately wanted a perfect season in Noxious fumes.
I won the first 10 or 15, then lost a couple. Still happy with 75%.
Some dreadful performances in other rulesets.
Silenced summoners in particular. I know I should use PJ, but I'm usually just pushing hard for my quest.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard903300
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold1500

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions4329722880
Alchemy Potions3417512550
UNTAMED Packs1124000
Cards (Total)6130913800

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
25551 DEC

Not a lot of gold in chests this season. I pulled a gold Cthulu from a Dice, though. Been a long time since I've seen a GFL.

More than happy with this one. Plenty of lessons to draw from these stats. I really only do my quest each day, and try to stay just under the majority of my peers, to avoid the thick of it.
Means I almost always limit myself to just my quest splinter.
It's going to be a great season, I can feel it.
Exciting times ahead.

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Thanks for voting my post!
I'd never heard of Splinterlands before. You made the game look really neat and now I want to look up how to play it 😊

 2 months ago 

I'm two years in, and can't get enough. Welcome to the platform; let me know if you need any help getting started.
Also, the discord channel is full of knowledgeable sorts - https://discord.gg/Mm3CHKtE -

This is great Matt! So interesting that our top used cards are so totally different from each other. Well done on getting into the Top 100!

What's your secret from Noxious Fumes? I've had some success with the Life Splinter and using the Resurrect ability... they come back clean... I try and fight it as a war of attrition, but super curious on everyone else's techniques.

 2 months ago 

I default to Llama-cube. (Llama plus gelatinous cube). Sprinkle in some sacrificial, low mana, low life cards. Throw in a vulture, for extra scavengey goodness, and let the poison do its work.

 2 months ago 

Llama cleanses, so poison isn't an issue once the cube hits the front. If it's a high mana match I'll start with Minotaur Warlord, as he reflects magic and ranged.
The only resurrect in Earth is Spirit druid grog; and he doesn't have the health to last long while poisoned (even with +2 from Llama).
He'd be great in an Equaliser + Noxious Fumes battle.


That Llama is the secret to everything. I've really got to get myself one. I had no idea that it cleanses. This definitely seems like a really good deck... definitely got me thinking...

Nice man! Congratz :)
That Report card is a cool tool!!
I will for sure be using this...friggin awesome!!

I did ok on my 2 accounts for this season.



Congrats bud on winning top 100. I hate that dang llama! lol Love it at times, too. I usually try to get too creative when I used it instead of sticking with what works, and I end up shooting myself in the foot.

Is there a way I can look at season stats interested in card usage and win rates for all cards each season.

 2 months ago 

Sign in with keychain and it'll generate your results. You can then flesh it out with some text and post to the chain, or just grab your stats.

So Im looking for the top cards that were used by everyone during the season the overall stats if you will, looks like that will generate for just my account which wouldnt be very interesting since i didnt play last season.

 2 months ago 

Kiokizz is considering opening it up, so anyone can generate anyone else's results; but that wouldn't give you totals. Jacekw does good work on that front.


Matt, you belong in the top 100!!

 2 months ago 


This was me for sure!!

Congratulations on getting into the top 100. I don't have as many cards as you but I like using the Screeching Vulture for 3 mana. I like the opportunity and flying skill in the lower leagues. I think it has scavenge when it is leveled up.

 2 months ago 

Vulture is very useful in Earthquake too.

Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @mattclarke

haven't quite figured out this rule set. I try to keep guys alive with self heal but then I have no offense. Learning learning learning. upvoted.