Splinterlands: thoughts concerning the coming Untamed edition, playing modes and new abilities.

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Hi Steem Monsters fans!

Soon a new era of our beloved card game (and investment opportunity) is going to start, and I just read a dew-fresh Splinterlands post which reveals some of the coming 'Untamed' monsters and their stats as well as some future plans.

I have to say I really like the creativity of the team to implement new ideas concerning card abilities, playing modes and many more aspects of the game. Also the design of the new cards is very well-made.
In another post the coming release of a Splinterlands mobile app was announced. In my opinion that should be a giant step towards attracting more and more new players. Congrats to the team for the fast progress!

Thoughts concerning new playing modes.

Of course I really can't wait to get to know (and own) all the cards of the Untamed edition. However, equally interesting for me is the implementation of new rule sets/playing modes. The aim should be to make the game as complex as possible - which means as difficult as possible to succeed by just using bots and spreadsheets for team building - but at the same time still very easy to play. I really prefer to lose against a great human player than against a robot.

As for this aspect, I strongly appreciate the extension of the mana cap range from 15 - 32 to 12 - 38, combined with many new monsters and abilities, and really crazy will be the planned 'unlimited' mana cap! The value of some cards will probably increase a lot by this change. I am thinking for example at the legendary summoner Archmage Arius. You won't believe it, but I owned four(!) Archmages, but unfortunately sold two of them to my 'greedy' friend @schachoberhessen. That's my punishment for introducing new players into the game! :-)))

Minor concerns.

As much as I like the changes, I also have one (minor) concern: if the available number of cards per match is getting higher and higher, it may get rather difficult (especially for a very slow person like me!) to select and find all the monsters I want to use for a battle in a very short time! Maybe the time for making a team could be slightly increased or by the combination of more than two rule sets (also a great anti bot measure) the number of available cards per match could be reduced a little bit? What are your suggestions?

One thing I also wonder about, is if in the long run the Untamed cards may have a lower value than previous editions as they 'contain' less DEC (one method to increase the value of the cards was to burn them!), and in addition there will be a higher DEC bonus for using Beta cards in battles.
Furthermore packs contain the same amount of cards (and there will be even more packs than there were beta packs), but at the same time one need less cards to reach the max level of a common card ...
However, I can well imagine that a bigger player base could more than compensate that, and that especially 'old' alpha and beta cards will become very expensive in future.

My idea for a new ability. :)

Finally, I would like to contribute an own idea for a possible new ability:
What about a 'temptation' ability? A new (possible very beautiful) character could act like a spy and seduce any (the strongest?) monster of the opponent so that the affected warrior would fight against his own team or at least stay completely passive until the end of the battle? The weapon of this new monster could look like a Cupid's arrow. :-)

Ideas for new monsters.

Own photo.

I was also thinking about which animals/organisms are still missing in the monster arsenal of the Splinterlands and had the following ideas - what about for example:


Great monster ideas! :) I'm happy to say that many of them are already being worked in. I will definitely use the ant/wasp colony idea! Thanks!

Nice to read that! :)

Thanks for the upvote! :)

You have some great ideas! I've also thought and I miss a fighting pig with many health points, a mosquito that is fast and agile and transmits diseases.

Also, it would be cool to be able to play cards that are neither monsters nor summoners, but that affect the terrain. For example, a card could cause arcane winds that make +1 to magic attacks, or a swamp that slows all monsters.

These are also some really nice ideas, I like especially the mosquito!
I think a huge dragonfly would also be impressive ... or what about octopuses or poisonous snails? :)

I'm not a gamer type of person. But I see that the Steemmonsters are still very successful on the blockchain. And that's great, especially in times when more and more users are saying goodbye.

Cool idea, to bring a 'Femme fatal'-like character into the game, who is armed with Amor's Arrow. :)

Isn't there a 'd' missing in your 1st tag?

Isn't there a 'd' missing in your 1st tag?

Thanks for pointing that out! Unfortunately, one cannot edit the first tag, but only add another one, which I just did.

Cool idea, to bring a 'Femme fatal'-like character into the game, who is armed with Amor's Arrow. :)

Haha, yes, lets see what @aggroed and @yabapmatt think about it. :)

I feel we need a way to sort the cards into mana sizes for ease of selection. How many times have you been looking for a 3 drop card to fit on the end... and you cant' see it due to cards not being sorted.

With all these new ones, it will be even harder to pick the cards from a much larger selection.

So at least I am not the only one seeing this problem coming ...

Yes to sort the cards after Mana-cost would be cool !

haha your friend was trying a long time with Mytery Potions to get an Archmage but was unsuccessful - how you done it to get four ?

Maybe destiny tried to compensate me for the low STEEM price. :)

You mean the steem price is only low for you :-)

I mean: I have many STEEM you haven't. :)))))

So you as expert can surely answer my question:

What happen if you put two monster with Silence in your team ?

This will be possible after release of Untamed ...

What happen if you put two monster with Silence in your team ?

Maybe at first the magic attack of the opponent's monsters is reduced to 0, and if you use even more silence monsters it gets further reduced to -1, which means the monsters of the opponent will attack themselves. :)))

yes, or the opposite monster gain one healthpoint with every attack they received :-)

What a great Splinterlands post! An upvote from Steem Monsters is headed your way!

Thanks a lot! :)

I like your idea. Maybe they will take this into account. That was great.

We will see ... :)

Perhaps we will live to see "Ankylosauruses / Stegosauruses / Triceratops."

Haha, lets hope! :)

some new one's in that would be amazing isn't it

You made some good suggestions.

The hype is real. Only a few more days until Untamed. I can't wait anymore. Good to have posts like this to entertain oneself for a few more days.


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