Spencer vs. Splinterlands - Part 1: Economics of Buying Packs

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spencer vs. splinterlands - part 1: economics of buying packs

Spencer vs. Splinterlands

Splinterlands ( formerly known as Steem Monsters ) is one of the most popular games on Steem, and arguably one of the most popular blockchain games period. A rather straight-forward trading card game, with a surprising amount of strategic possibilities with its automated battle system.

In this multi-part series, I'm going to be exploring the game inside & out. Doing things that most players do, while also doing stuff that hasn't quite been done before. Each part will be published as a blog post featured on a specific activity, from the mundane to the more mischievous.

Today's Topic: Buying Packs For Fun And ( hopefully ) Profit



Buying Packs Via MonsterMarket

In the past, I always bought my packs through the Splinterlands site itself. However, I recently learned about MonsterMaarket, where you can buy packs & earn 2% back!

That's an obvious decision. Sure enough, after spending roughly ~100 STEEM, I got my ~2 STEEM back :^)


My advice? Use MonsterMarket if you want to save a little bit while getting your monster packs!

Pack Opening Time!

So, now that I've loaded up on 10 packs, and spent roughly $20, let's see what I get!

Opening packs on Splinterlands is pretty good. I still think that Hearthstone has a crazy good pack opening "feel", but for running in the browser and on a much smaller budget, I have to give credit where credit is due to Splinterlands: The pack opening feels good 👍

Here's a preview of some of the packs I opened:


After opening up my first 5 packs, I decided to try & boost my "luck" by buying up some potions. I bought enough Legendary Potions to cover the rest of the packs, and enough Alchemy Potions to cover most of them.

All in all, at this point I've spent ~$22 usd.


Down To 1 Pack Left, Will I Make Positive Returns?

So far, up to this point, I'm not breaking even. So... I hope this pack has nothing but gold-foil legendaries lol

...Nope. Here's the final value of all my packs:


Not Great, No Profit - But What About The Fun?

Without playing the game yet, would I say the experience I just went through was worth $22?

I mean, obviously not. Good thing Splinterlands isn't just a pack-opening simulator. I will say though, seeing my cards have immediate value, and knowing that these are assets that I actually permanently own, I'm less upset about not making my money back than I would be otherwise.

If I spent $20 on Hearthstone, for example, I would definitely be feeling a lot worse off right about now.


What's Next?

Well, Splinterlands is, after all, a card game. So I think the logical next step is to start playing with these cards!

Part 1 Experiment Results: Didn't make money, but I'm not too bummed about it.


Join Me Next Time, When We Fight Some Battles

part 2: stay tuned


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