Review of the Death Team

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This time it was all about death. I wanted to try to do a longer video so I did a few review of the team. I also shared two battles that show that the team can win some battles that you don't think they are good at. I am glad that this team was picked this time. This time if you happen to watch the full video a bit thank you. I took a look at the new Untamed cars also in this review but didn't have them ready to battle yet. So site back if you have 15 minutes to spare and take a look a the death team.

As you can see the death team now can win in ranged only and little league. This doesn't always work but that is a good part of this game. All the teams are getting stronger in all the formats. This should make a lot of teams that are undervalued like death start to rise. Let me know if you also entered the contest I always like to see the love for the death team.

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So much info to get into. UNTAMED!


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This is great! I think that 15 minute videos are right in the 'sweet zone': not too long, not too short.

I also have a special love for the Death Splinter.

Thanks for playing!