Clans Unite

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Lyanna sat alone picking up the hot soil of The Burning Lands and letting drop through her fingers. She took a deep breath and started to cough from the sulfur and soot that lingers in the air. This can’t be our home she thought. She looked over the battlefield again and saw the giants the blight had brought here. They didn’t even use those in our battle and still, we lost. Here where three clans had stood together they had found a way to win. The story was still fresh in her mind yet it was hard to believe.

Malric had to take his people into Mortis and helped them win a battle there. Alric hearing of that victory bought some troops to join them here. The blight had adjusted its plan of attack to defeat Fire and Death. But with Alric here they held off the giants until they had found a weakness. She was worried the blight was learning. In the next battle, they would be prepared for more clans to work together. Would her people be enough to counter their next move? She heard something from behind and turned to see the old man in blue robes that had convinced her to stay.


“Lyanna, there was a time when the clans worked as one. Most of you are just so young you don’t remember. I know that they can seem evil when you look at them. But they fight for the same thing as any of your people. They fight for their home.”

“Know that Alric but unlike them, I failed.”

“Most of your people are still alive Lyanna, you didn’t fail them. You brought them here. This is where we will start the counter-attack.”

“We need to bring in the Khymerians. The blight knows I am here. They will be ready for all of us next time. We need to unite the Splinterlands.”

“That is the plan Lyanna but you are forgetting someone one. The Gloridax will need to return to defeat them. We need the fire of the dragons.”

“Alric there you go again about the dragons. I have read your letters before. We haven’t been able to confirm any of your legends.”

“Lyanna I brought someone that would like to talk to you. Daria Dragonscale can you come out here.”


Lyanna watched as a beautiful woman in golden armor came out onto the ledge. Her golden air flowed almost to the ground and a sword was on her belt. There was no crest of any land on her. She could feel the power coming off her that made her uneasy. Then she watched as the knight started to make symbols with her hands and then a small dragon appeared in the air. It flew around and then landed next to Daria and sat there.

“The Gloridax people have been watching from above. We are ready to join the fight now that the other clans are working together. We have sent another summoner Khymerians already. All of us will join together for the next battle.”

Lyanna was shocked. Her people had tried for years to contact the Dragon clan. Legend had said that they worked with any clan to fight evil. She thought that they would help them defeat the other clans. But she was wrong. The other clans were not evil. The blight was evil and they had come to join them.

“Okay Daria you proved your point so where and when is this next battle?

“For now we will train. Here in The Burning Lands while the Dragon clan helps the Khymerians. Once the blight sees that they are there they should plan an attack like they did here. We will join them in that battle and from there push them back to the darkness they came from.”


Grom had seen a lot but these last few days had proved that anything could happen. Learning to fight with Dragon and Fairies had been easier than he thought. The plan was to run off and save the Silvershield Knights of Khymeria. Those holy knights would never ask for help. Not from us. But this war was breaking a lot of the old rules.

“Darth did you ever think that the Splinterlands could unite like this?”

“No Grom not at all. I don’t expect it to last.”

“You never expect anything to work out Darth. That is why I like you. Very easy to surprise you. Even with all that power, you hide.”

Darth turned and left. Grom was about to go after him when he felt someone else coming near. Lyanna Natura was walking up to him. Grom had seen her power. It was growing and growing each day. She trained with a fire that impressed him. Then again she had lost her homeland. She showed that she didn’t plan to lose again.

“Your friend left before I could thank him. I have heard your group found the weakness of the giant beast. Also, that you were a key part of the battle in Mortis. Some call you a hero Grom.”

“Malric Inferno and Zintar Mortaus are the heroes. They brought our clans together when none of us wanted it.”

“Your right, when I heard an Alliance had started with the Fire, and Death clans I never thought it would lead to this. All six clans will fight together. Alric acts as if it was certain. But you sell yourself short Grom. I know of the words you spoke at that first meeting. Your legend grows even if you don’t want it. In fact, that will make it grow more. A gift to you.”

Lyanna started to glow and she placed her hand on Grom’s head. A peace came over this body and all of his energy came back. He felt better than ever before. Such power and they had lost. The blight must have powers that they had not seen yet.

“If I am a legend now we are in trouble. I am just doing my part in the battle for our lands. Lyanna your powers are far greater than mine.”

“Yes they are and yet you always charge into battle. To do it with less power is always proof that you are greater than I. I feel the same for all my warriors. It is all of you that will win this war for us. You all inspire us Summoners more than you know.”

“Thank You Lyanna”

Grom watched her leave feeling some pride for himself. To have a Summoner talk to him like an equal was something he never expected. Fighting alongside the other clans, the world was changing and he was glad that it was. It was time to rest at home. He could feel the battle was coming soon.



Part 1A Meeting In The Mountains Part 2 The Battlefield Par3 The Burning Lands Part 4The Blight Strikes Part 5 The Fall of Anumun
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I am going to keep working on it. Two or three more parts to wrap it up.

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Very cool. I found the story entertaining plus it gives a hint of the setting you are basing it on. Mostly I'm here for the world-building. :) Thank you.

Thanks for reading it.

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Interesting🤔 The story was very detailed with vivid imagery. Nice writing style.


Cool one, I think it was a great idea writing the story in these episodes. And congrats on the curie vote!

thank you man your stuff is always good just been busy but want to read move of it.