Starter Sets and Promo Codes

The Summoner's Spellbook

There has been a lot of confusion around the "Starter Set" in the game since it stopped giving out cards many months ago - and understandably so. As a result, we are planning to change the name of the Starter Set to the Summoner's Spellbook in the near future.

The Summoner's Spellbook will unlock the secrets of the various types of Splinter magic in the game and the ability to harness the power of Dark Energy. Players who have obtained the Summoner's Spellbook will have the knowledge required to earn DEC rewards for winning battles, complete daily quests, earn ranked season rewards, and participate in tournaments.

Please note that nothing other than the name will be changing. The Summoner's Spellbook will still cost $10 USD and will give the same benefits as the Starter Set did previously, including access to the player's Steem account keys. We will no longer sell anything called a "Starter Set".

We are also going to be working on better communicating the advantages behind purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook (including the benefits of having a Steem blockchain account) in hopes that it will help encourage more new players to convert from the free account and also to potentially branch out and explore more of the Steem ecosystem.

Promo Codes

As most of our players know, we give out promo codes for free Starter Sets / Summoner's Spellbooks to various influencers or promotional channels online and also on physical cards at live events and soon to our new Brand Ambassadors.

While these promo codes have been a great way to get new players into the game, they have also been a target for abuse. As a result, going forward any account that is found to be participating in battles in an automated fashion that has used a promo code to purchase the Starter Set / Summoner's Spellbook will have their Starter Set / Summoner's Spellbook revoked.

Please note that this only applies to accounts that have used a promo code after the date and time that this post is published. Any accounts that have used a promo code in the past will not be affected. Additionally, this will not apply to any promo codes obtained via a crowdfunding campaign such as the ones we have run on Kickstarter, Fundition, or SeedGerminator.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about any of the above, please feel free to contact us on the Splinterlands Discord Server or at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You!

We look forward to the Ambassador program, along with many other upcoming promotional campaigns, which have the potential to significantly grow the player-base of Splinterlands in 2020. We greatly appreciate and hope to reward the efforts of our players to promote Splinterlands and bring more people into the next generation of collectible card games!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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This is awesome! I think it will work out better for new players!

Thanks for the updates.

A step in the right direction but why not enforce the new rules to every starter set redeemed? As is, the new rule gives a pass to abusers as long as they joined early enough to abuse from the get go.

They didn't set up to distinguish between giveaway codes and seed/kickstarter codes before. I had thought they'd be able to do it retroactively but maybe they decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

Thanks for the information.

I won't be doing the Ambassadors program for reasons I can't say (At least for now)

But how could I get myself my Splinterlands Affiliate link on a QR code to print out ?

There are a number of free QR code generator websites, just look some up on google and put in your affiliate link and it should generate a QR code for you that you can print.

Ok I will search :)

Hopefully I can attract people by sharing them just the QR codes and quickly explaining about the game.
I can do this on the side when I am out with my "Students company"

A long long time ago! On a blockchain not so far away ... when we were still called monsters.

A question about this, when you just started with steem monsters i bought packs and cards, i checked how they looked, but never did anything with them. Are these cards still ‘playable’ in steem monsters, and do they have any extra value in the game or with the gameplay because of the first mover advantages? Or these cards are now worthless?

I was actually seeing potential those days & hoping that these cards would be unique and grow in value over time. Like collecting 1st edition comicbooks or something like that..

What do you think, and how does the splinterland team sees these things in the future?

Of course they are still playable in the game, and the Alpha edition cards get a bonus to Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) earned when they are used in matches, and they can be used in Alpha-only tournaments. You can check the market in the game to see the values of the cards in your collection now.

Thanks for your reply, i will go check it out ... but i do not think i will start playing, i would not liketo loose these cards

It’s a bit sad to see all the bots in the game. It happens with almost any game out there but it’s pretty glaring with Splinterlands. Still love the game but it’s a bit annoying when I lose a battle and find out it’s a bot that I just battled.

looks like you (and many others) don't understand that thanks to bots you can play at all. Because most players just do quests and not play any more leaving others without opponents. Especially if they don't want to risk losing ranking.

That’s actually very true, I didn’t think of it that way. You just changed my opinion of the bots. They do end up serving a pretty important purpose. It would be unfortunate if trying to start a match took minutes instead of seconds.

Now I really dislike when the bot owners are good at making the card selections lol. Some bots are easy to beat while others are very hard.

Not that I necessarily want to but how hard is it to start a bot? Do you use one? Don’t need to blow up your spot, so no names needed.

Player owned bots aren't needed.

Site owned bots that don't collect rewards would be much better for the ecosystem as a whole.

I agree but I'm not sure that a war on bots would work. I don't mind them harvesting cards and selling them for tiny amounts, as that means I can get them cheap, so it isn't all bad. It would be worse if they did the sensible thing, holding cards and pushing the prices up. Lucky they aren't clever bots :)

I suppose thats one way to look at it.

I still think the whole starter pack process is broken and discouraging to new players. Maybe the rewards chests could be tweaked a little to improve them? Instead of full-on no rewards for free accounts, maybe they could earn the first two levels of DEC chests, and eventually be allowed to trade 10000 DEC for a Summoner's Spellbook.

I am now saving up my steem to buy dec and invest back in the game. I hope I also save enough to create an account for my brother. @clove71 and others have been very helpful. Without such help, I would never have done anything. Funny thing is I signed in Jan 2019 and did not even look it up. Maybe there is a right time for everything and better late than never.
Have a great day :)

We look forward to the Ambassador program, along with many other upcoming promotional campaigns, which have the potential to significantly grow the player-base of Splinterlands in 2020. We greatly appreciate and hope to reward the efforts of our players to promote Splinterlands and bring more people into the next generation of collectible card games!


Strange to read this and do not see the support from the founders (especially the main contact organizer @aggroed)
for the translated & shared main post of the Ambassador program

due to that fact that this also was sharing in the sm-post-promotion
(with a mention him & the explanation in English what is it)

Somehow, statements diverge from the case. Don't you think so?

It is hard for a wintered player to understand how all the changes have an impact on a new player.
I am planning to start with a fresh account to undergo the changes as a splinterlands noob. The idea is to write those experiences on twitter, in the hope that this can extract new players to the game.
So, if you do have a promo code left, feel free to give it to me :)
You can contact me on discord: Fullcoverbetting#4265


I have translated this post into German so that German players can inform themselves more easily.

Makes !monster sense. Good update. :)

fight direct attack