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A simple trivia contest. Each week I'll ask a few questions that you must answer in the comment section to be entered into a random drawing.Every other Friday I'll post a new challenge. You'll have the entire week to answer correctly.Because we wanna get everyone more into the lore side of things. Plus! We truly do like giving away booster packs.

🤓The Challenge🤓

  • You MUST answer the following questions correctly in the comment section to enter the RANDOM DRAWING.
    • What are TWO differences between the Unicorns of Anumün and the Unicorns of Khymeria? (There are more than two.)
    • On What Splinter can you find the Port of Noxia?
    • The Frozen Hell is home to the Frost Giant and this salty new summoner.
  • Also include a picture/gif of ANYTHING (safe for work, please).

Note: Entries sharing identical answers AND images will be disqualified. Everyone MUST USE A DIFFERENT PICTURE for their entry to count.

Deadline to enter: When this post pays out. I'll announce the winners and the new questions every other week.

Prizes: 9 winners will be chosen by RANDOM drawing. Each will receive 1 Booster Pack.

Places to find answers

  • Splinterlands.com - There are little bits of lore on each card, along with a LOT of information. All of which will be fair game.
  • Splinterlore.com - This is the official lore site for the Splinterlands. We are currently hosting the past winners of the Fan Fiction and Art contests along with official stories, maps and more.
  • Splinterlore Blog - This is where you'll find in-depth profiles of each character. Every morning a new one is released. Many answers will be found here.
  • Peakmonsters.com & MonsterMarket.io - These are a couple of excellent secondary markets run by the community. While our intention is to focus on lore, it's very possible I'll throw in some random stat questions. If I do, look here. 😎

Good luck!

September 4th Answers & Winners!

A Sea Monster, a Wave Runner, and an Azmare Harpoonist swim into a(n underwater) bar. Their total order comes to their total mana caps plus two. If they split the bill, how much does each pay?
What is "sticky, stinky and revolting. And if any of this stuff gets on you, you'll be scrubbing for ages to no avail"?
Cursed Slimeball
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Well, ARE YOU?

👉Quick Draw Winners👈

First 3 people who entered with the correct answers.
You each win TWO Booster packs!

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Just kidding! I'm giving 'em to everyone!

Note: Prizes sent!

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Ans1: Both belongs to a different breed, and a white unicorn has never been spotted in Anumün while a brown unicorn has never been spotted in Khymeria

Ans2: in burning lands(Fire splinter)

Ans3: Vera Salacia


Cool thanks for the packs!

1 - The Sacred Unicorns of the Life Splinter are smaller and leaner than the brown Unicorns

2 - It’s located in the burning lands, the fire splinter

3 - Vera Salacia, the new summoner


  1. Anumün unicorns travel in herds while Khymeria unicorns travel alone, some are brown while others are white.
  2. the port is in the fire splinter
  3. VERA SALACIA RARE Water Summoner

Splinterlands name @lealharold


Good luck everybody!



  1. Their breed is different and have different colors, the brown unicorns are from Anumün in contrast to the white unicorns that are from Khymerya. Other difference is. The Anumün unicorns travel in packs while the Khymerya unicorns are more solitaires.
  2. Is in the fire splinter
  3. She is Vera Salacia.

Sexy or not?


1- The color of the Anumün Unicorns is brown, while the Khymeria Unicorns are white. Also Anumün Unicorns travel in herds, while Khymeria Unicorns are only seen alone
2- On fire splinter (In the Burning Lands)
3- Vera Salacia

  1. White an life vs brown and earth...
    2 . Fire splinter...
  2. Vera salacia...

Splinterlands username: laralq


  1. Firstly Unicorns of Anumün is Unicorn Mustang from Earth splinter. And The Unicorns of Khymeria is Baby Unicorn from life splinter. Secondly, Unicorn of Mustang is a Brown unicorn,while Unicorn of Anumun is a white one.

  2. Is in the fire splinter.

  3. Vera Salacia


  1. Unicorns of Anumün travel in herds and are only brown while Unicorns of Khymeria travel alone and are only white
  2. On Fire Splinter
  3. Vera Salacia!
  1. They are an entriely different breed, and a white unicorn has never been spotted in Anumün while a brown unicorn has never been spotted in Khymeria
  2. You can find that port in the Burning Lands which is the fire splinter.
  3. Vera Salacia!