Splinterlands on national broadcast TV. AMC (American Movie Channel) here we come!

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Splinterlands is pleased to report that we'll be featured in an upcoming episode of NewsWatch. From their website, newswatchtv.com:

NewsWatch is your trusted source for breaking consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment news and reviews. We air on the AMC Network and ION Network.

Splinterlands was selected to have a featured 90 second segment on the show that is scheduled to air in late January.

By the Numbers

  • AMC is broadcast to over 95 million households in over 200 TV markets.
  • The show will include a 90-second, 1080p broadcast quality video highlighting the Splinterlands game.

Splinterlands will also receive:

  • A month-long social media campaign targeting their base of 200k followers and 500k guaranteed online impressions.
  • Targeted distribution through news outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, the Associated Press, Wired, and Huff Po.
  • A display ad marketing Campaign through Google Display Ad network with a guarantee of 1.6M impressions.

Makin' Waves

Splinterlands continues to push the boundary of what blockchain-based applications have accomplished. We're excited as a company, but we're especially excited for our community that we expect to grow as a result!

Should be fun!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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woot, this is big


One of the best things about working with news outlets is the badge of honor. Meaning you get to show off that you've been featured or that you've had that partnership etc... that makes future partnerships or news opportunities easier.

I've done a lot of state/regional news here (much smaller) for different projects and it never led to much action by viewers (i knew that going into it) BUT... it led to a lot of prestige and how it impacted the impression of those who already follow and like what you do. It changed perception for sure.

Also there's always the chance that there's that one person in the audience. 1 influential viewer was all it took to complete a kickstarter i did 6 years ago.

Also there could be a viral-news effect where that one article could maybe turn from 500k viewers to millions.


So make sure to use this as leverage to make other things happen... point out to Crypto and Gaming news that you're in the news and link them to the article and the video spot. Use this to get into a news source that is more our target market. Give websites FOMO for not also covering splinterlands.

Yup. The artistic style of the game is also "funky" type engaging to the masses. It's not too "polished" like the other more mainstream games, but also professional enough to appeal to a mass audience. In line with what you're saying, the first thing, of course, would be to embed that video right smack on the front page of the main Spinterlands site. Another important strategy is to mobilize the community by increasing the upvote power from the official @splinterlands account so that there is a progressively increasing incentive for those of us who make SERIOUS posts about the game can be motivated by an increased weekly upvote, which will then incentivize us to put more effort into sharing our content on social media. I think that the FUNDAMENTAL potential of Splinterlands (and ALL blockchain games) is the COMMUNITY. If admin tries to act in a centralized manner there will be a significant limit to the reach of the game, compared to incentivizing players who collectively have the power to really make this game go viral...


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This is incredible news and should bring in a nice amount of new players into the game and into the crypto space also.

I can't wait to see the 90 second clip.

Amazing stuff, keep up the great work!

This is awesome, TV does require an ongoing campaign to really be successful but this should bring in some new blood. Very cool news.

I would be interesting in seeing before and after analytics to see how effective it ends up being.

Do you know the time slot?

Even if it doesn't bring in a bunch of new players by itself, as @jarvie said in his comment it will add a lot of credibility and prestige to the project. Additionally, we will have the rights to the video segment after it airs, so we will have a professional quality commercial for the game that we can use going forward, which will be a huge improvement from the Kickstarter videos we have now.

We will let everyone know the time slot once it's set but as of right now it should be sometime during the last week of January.

@themarkymark - Good point, but my only rebuttle is that the line between TV and social media is so blurred at this point that the same marketing metrics simply don't apply the same way they did a decade ago. For instance, Twitter enables us to embed videos right inside of tweets, and so a viral tweet with the video embedded in it can have MASSIVE reach. You say that "TV does require an ongoing ampaign to really be successful", to which I say that once you have the original video - and as @yabapmatt says - the RIGHTS to that video, we can leverage the collective social media power of the community to PUMP that video out there on a regular basis - and that's absolutely FREE! Great job, Matt. The issue, in my opinion, is NOT whether Splinterlands is going to "moon", but moreso if you guys will be able to make the QUICK decisions to HANDLE the speed at which things grow. This is why I am predicting that the MOST important thing will be to leverage the "wisdom/power of the crowd" - in whatever forms that will take. For me, it is writing my lengthy weekly strategy post, and then sharing that post via my handful of Twitter accounts. I would be HAPPY to do a regular of this upcoming video (like, lets say, once a week) with a few JUICY Re-tweets. I am also suggesting that you guys PROGRESSIVELY increase the SP available for the manual curtion upvotes, so that people like myself (and others) who are writing SERIOUS posts about the game have a PROGRESSIVE sense that their promotional efforts (via writing posts, and then sharing them on social media) will be INCREASINGLY rewarded as the game grows. I am NOT COMPLAINING, and have been very grateful for the ~ 12 Steem + 12 SP I have been getting for each of my weekly posts about the game. However, if I had the sense that over time that amount would grow (at a reasonable rate relative to the growth of the game) I could take my effort EVEN MORE seriously. Just something to consider. From a marketing analysis perspective this is a really JUICY experience. I recently discovered the "Prospectors" game, which is another one which at first glance looks like it has great potential. I just wish that @drugwars could eventually up their game to that level, which would give us TWO proper games on the Steem blockchain. If you haven't already, perhaps you can reach out to the admin of "Prospectors" and see if there are some ways to leverage the communities. They seem to be on a similar upward trajectory, with strong fundamentals, and I think that could be a good collaboration. Anyway, great job! This game has been a very positive force in my life during this current year (which has been a bit challenging for me on many fronts)...#ToTheMoon!

Can also use the video on your site which will also increase credibility.


Congratulations @splinterlands!
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Is this a paid advertisement or is this free?

Fab news.

that was big news

That's great news for Splinterlands and Steem!! Congrats

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/25 - need recharge?)

That's great news for Splinterlands and Steem!! Congrats

@tipu curate

A great step towards increasing the number of players.

@splinterlands, Congratulations team and in my opinion this can turn out great achievement and 90 Million Households, this is highly considerable number, so let's hope that after this Visibility, Splinterlands Growth Charts will speak loudly for itself.

Good wishes from my side team and stay blessed.

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That is simply AMAZING and you deserve it. Congrats. It will be the first of many...

!giphy woah

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Incredible, congrats! Glad to have been a part of it since November 2018. Let's see where this goes in the future, I think things like Splinterlands will be the key to long-term success of Steem!

Nice. We can almost ensure that price will go up from this or..?


Was just thinking that exposure could help drive price upwards?

That's awesome! :) Anything to do with the recent partnership with Blockchain Founders Fund or they are separate marketing achievements?

Wao,this games is going to the moon. Very impressive.

Stellar news @splinterlands, this is an amazing update.

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@remind-me in late January.

Hey @inertia, I will notify you on January 1st 2020, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( your reminders , read more... )

Hi @inertia!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!


Awesome, gratz!

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That's some great coverage. I see you are gaining players and a few thousand more could really shake things up. I hope they will look at other aspects of Steem too. I think there should be more to encourage people to blog about their matches. You could add an editor so that when you opt to share a match it can create a post with an appropriate image and tags.

Keep up the good work.

Like a boss, really good job :)

You guys are really rocking it with Splinterlands! What a fantastic bit of news. Nay sayers... ah, they just don't know!

What a fantastic job you are all doing! @remind-me in January.

That's awesome, well done guys.

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Way nice

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Better get a fire going under the release of the mobile app! If youre willing to divulge, approximately how much did an ad campaign like this cost? (Is this as good as it gets or does the team have ammo for many more promotions such as this?)

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That is awesome news! This outta be interesting 🧐

great post dear


Great post

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Big news right here

good news.!

Very good post friends


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Brilliance :)
Well done.

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Thanks for the post.

This is good