Splinterlands Heading to NFT.NYC!

Thursday is a big day in the NFT space. There's an industry gathering in NYC called NFT.NYC. There large movers and shakers in the industry will gather and talk about all things NFT.

The website is just https://nft.nyc.



You are likely to recognize at least one company from this list.

Growth & Partnerships

Splinterlands will no doubt keep growing by meeting one new friend and player at a time, but to grow by leaps and bounds we need partnerships. Nothing like industry events to get us there.

Splinterlands did just hit a new all time high for accounts playing on the same day on the 14th with a grand total of 4,174. We continue to be one of the most heaviliy utilized dapps in the cryptospace.

That said, it's all still so small compared to where we could be. We're looking to continue growing our game, adding players, making new partnerships, and spreading the game and technology we produce to companies and fans the world over.

We Would Love to See You There!

If you're in the NYC area and are interested in attending the event, both Matt and Aggroed will be there so please come by and say hello! Tickets are a bit pricey, but if you're interested in this space it should be a great conference, and you can get 30% off by using the promo code: SPLINTERLANDS30

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Hey dudes. It's great to see @splinterlands up there in the marquee. But just one piece of marketing technicality feedback. Compared to the other logos on the marquee the text and image for the "Splinterlands" spot is a bit "complex" and the text a bit challenging to read. I know a bit about ogo design, and these are two key factors.

This basic article on logo design is informative:

9 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design

and especially :
#7 - "Keep it Simple"
#8 - "Make It Scalable"

Now, obviously, I don't know the factors involved in you decision to enter the specific image in the marquee for this event (ex. maybe the opportunity came about suddenly and you didn't have adequate time to prepare), etc.) But since you guys will likely be getting more and more "visual exposure" in larger media channels going forward, I think it BEHOOVE you to invest your (already well-demonstrated) talents to designing a proper logo which fits in properly with these more established companies.

Just my two cents. If I were in NYC (within subway ride of my home town) I'd take you to my great uncle's famous Italian restaurant in Little Italy - my treat! But that's not possible at this juncture. Anyways, it should be productive. Good luck.

i have a question about paypal. When can I pay for cards directly via the marketplace with paypal? This innovation was announced some time ago.

It's still in progress but we expect to announce more details soon. It requires a pretty major change to the entire purchasing system in the game, but we understand it will be a very helpful feature for players and it's a top priority for us.

I was wondering that too... thanks for the reply.

Uh Oh sounds ominous

Good to see that you are hanging out with the big guys!!!

Job well done!

I am glad to have my favorite game @splinterlands push into the world top. Keep up the good work.

Ready to help when needed, cheers!

Congratulations @splinterlands!
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Is there a Retired Military Discount? 🤣

very important event!))

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