2021 Off to a Strong Start!

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Hey Splinterfans, here's a post for the folks who love numbers! We're through the first month of the year, and we wanted to share some juicy stats! In Janaury Splinterlands had:

  • 5,362 new player sign-ups (~10% increase in total registered users)
  • 719 Summoner's Spellbook purchases (~4% increase in total Spellbook owners)
  • 26,524 Untamed packs purchased
  • 255,038 Potions purchased
  • 7,958 AZMARE Dice packs purchased
  • 31,930,299 DEC burned (via shop purchases, guild contributions, etc)
  • 14,466,137 DEC worth of cards burned
  • 207,783 card market transactions for $155,080 in USD volume

January (and Q1 in general) has typically been a slow time for Splinterlands since most of our big promotions happen at the end of the year, but this January has completely bucked that trend and has given us a fantastic start to the year!

As always, none of this would be possible without the amazing player community, and we look forward to working with all of you to make 2021 the biggest year in Splinterlands history!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Great work! Thanks

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Soon there won't be enough furious chicken for all players, I guess some will have to go vegan!

not to speak about the golden chickens

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10% increase in total players in just one month is incredibly impressive. What was the reason for such a big uptick in players? Was it related to the land release?

Agree if you can keep that sort of growth it’s massive.

This is a really fun type of post... love to see this continue more often.

Nice work


I think that Battle challenge and media challenge are partially responsible for these. I had few friends joining in just because they were reading about it on my blogs.

The app going live I would think is a chunk of that 10% growth.

woow what good numbers :-)

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Great looking figures!!

Great looking figures!!