Opening the 55 Packs I bought for the Halving Event! (Post 3)

in splinterlands •  3 months ago 

Finally Opening some more packs.

It has taken way too long, although this first pack was a while back, i just didn't get a chance to post it.

Here is a brief summary of my progress so far.

Post 1 - - 13 Packs 65 Cards

  • 2 Gold Foil : Drake of Arnak, Orc Sergent
  • 1 Legendary : Camila Sunglazer

Post 2 - - 1 Pack 5 Cards

  • 1 Legendary : Dragon Jumper
  • 1 Golf Foil Legendary : Magnor

Post this (This Post) 130 Cards

  • 26 Packs
  • 1 Legendary
  • 4 Gold Foil

All in all not too bad

If you don't want to see all the goodies just scroll an down

Screenshot 20200512 at 1.38.21 PM  Edited.png

5.17 GF1.JPG

5.17 GF2.JPG

5.17 GF3.JPG



Not bad, not great. I knew my Legendary luck had to fall off... and I am happy to pull another one in this group. Pulling the 4 Gold Foil is always fun. Bad part is I only have 15 packs left, and I just want to open a lot more.... the pull is strong.

I have had to turn off Potions for rewards as I have run out of DEC, so my rewards will be lacking for a while until I can rebuild my potions and DEC balances.

We care getting close to the next legndary drop, and if it is anything like the last two, I will clearly need to get it. Nightshade and Zaku have both been amazing, and let me win games with much lower ranked cards. Thats all for now folks

Have a great day!!!

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