Opening the 55 Packs I bought for the Halving Event! (Post 1)

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I participated in THE HALVING - If you don't know what it is, this is the details posted on Splinterlands.

Screenshot 20200507 at 7.00.19 AM  Edited.png

Since its the only way to get the card ( outside the random airdrops and buying them off the market) I decided to participate.
While I really wanted to get a level 5 to match my level 6 summoners, I just couldn't swing that many packs. I did buy 55 packs, to get my 11 cards ( No Gold Foil for me) and I combined them to create a level 4 card that has most of the benefits it can offer.

Its been a while since I have opened packs in any quantity, and after spending everything I had on the packs, I am now opening the packs as I get enough Dec to buy full potions for the packs.

I am not going to show every pack, but just the good stuff, Gold Foil or Legendary.

Good Pulls from the first 13 packs!

  • 65 Cards opened
  • 2 Golf Foil - 1 Rare, 1 Common
  • 1 Legendary
    Screenshot 20200506 at 8.39.31 AM  Edited.png

    Screenshot 20200507 at 6.33.29 AM  Edited.png

    Screenshot 20200507 at 6.35.03 AM  Edited.png

Feeling lucky

Pulling the Drake of Arnak was really lucky - GF summoners are some of the best cards to pull since they give that 10% GF DEC bonus and you always need to play a summoner. I hope to pull some more in the rest of the packs I have left. 42 to go, and I am hoping for a lot more GF and Legendary!!!

Now if I can just find a way to get a lot DEC quickly so I don't have to limit my opening to 2 packs a day!!!!

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