The top five cards I used this week in Splinterlands - contest

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Yesterday, I was asking doubts about which cards to use for the Knockout rule. I wanted to know what the Gurus in our server used and all of those mentioned kindly explained what cards to use and I hope I can level it up slowly but steadily.

I am not going to quote them because it will let out their secret and I do not want that to be a disadvantage to them as they are top players.

I wanted all splinterlands players to think about which cards they use the most and would like to see a post on it and submit the link both here and in the Social media challenge post by @splinterlands and share it on other social media sites so that more people are attracted towards this magical game.

What should I write about?

The top five cards I used this week in Splinterlands


  • Use splinterlands as the first tag
  • Write a well-formatted post describing the five most used cards and state why you use it, in simple words
  • Leave the link of your post in the comment section below
  • Resteem and upvote - would be helpful for me to buy prizes


There will be three prizes

  1. First prize will be a legendary card
  2. Second prize will be 500 Dec
  3. Third prize will be 300 Dec

I hope there will be many entries and hopefully, if this is a success, I can try to include Hive engine tokens as prizes too from the next contest onwards.

Why such a contest?

I wanted new players to learn from experienced players. As simple as that.

Winners will be chosen by a secret judge

Last date for submission - before post payout i.e. 16th August

Remember to use to purchase cards and get the juicy cashback.


Hi sayee thank you for hosting this awesome contest
here is my entry :

Thanks a lot my dear :)

a very modest prize for a well done article🙌

The post mentioned that the posters may get the upvotes from the Splinterlands (if they share their posts in different social-media).

yes, There is a social media challenge post

This is a really nice post. This contest will benefit both the blogger as well as new players joining. When is the last date of submission?

Thanks, I will edit it, the last date is the day before the post payout

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 6/12)

Thanks so much

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice contest.
I personally liked it.
And I'll try to join as well.
You might wanna add a splinterlands link (ideally your referral link) in the contest post so that non-splinterlands players will find it easy to join the game.

Thanks dear and yes, looking fwd to yours

Thanks Chris

This is something nice after what we are seeing from @splinterlands and @bdcommunity in terms of contests they are conducting.

I will try with a blog :)

Thank you @sayee for the wonderful initiation. I have included my links below:



Thanks so much

Thanks so much CD

Thanks so much dear :)

Thanks Rehan. Good post.

Thank you so much Bala. It is great to see and learn from all about the cards and I hope every player finds it useful.

Yes indeed, this contest helps so much in sharing knowledge between the players. Great initiative. 🙂

thanks a lot for the entry. wow